Tuesday, July 9, 2013

How to take a good license photo

It's hard to take a good photo when you aren't allow to smile. Don't give up, here are a few of my tips for taking the best Driver License photo you can....

Do a few facial exercises to relax your muscles first. It doesn't matter how silly you look, this will pay off.
Don't lift or drop your chin
Posture. Drop your shoulders and have a straight back straight. Everyone looks better with a neck :)
Don't wear too much makeup up. I always think your nicest daytime makeup works best
Don't overload with accessories. Don't get me wrong, I over-accessorise everyday but I find that in photos it can look dated quickly.
Don't try to be sexy. You'll look like an idiot.
Relax. The camera picks up nerves like a guard dog.
and smize like you have never smized before.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

What I wore: Trip to the salon

This morning I am off to visit one of my favourite people in the world. My gorgeous friend Toni. Not only does she laugh at my jokes, watch sad movies with me and not look in shock when I stuff huge meals into my mouth, she also manages my difficult hair. Toni owns the Beautiful You Hair and Beauty Day Spa and today she need to tend to my roots and trim off my crunchy ends.

What I wore...
This kinda ridiculous Boom Shanker Australian animal print jacket which I love, white Bonds t-shirt, black JAG jeans, an old but awesome belt and cowboy boots. This is the kind of outfit my country boy husband looooves. Giddiup!!
What outfits does your partner love you in?