Tuesday, July 31, 2012

10 tips for Insomnia

I suffer from insomnia and am always looking for tips. The best part of the midnight world is that it's all yours. The most important thing is to be very quiet. If you are too noisy, then you'll wake people up and they'll join you. There is a lot more to do that to watch television or read. Here are 10 tips for things to do when you have insomnia.

1. Write a post. You will be too tired to write it during the day and people are really funny at 3am;
2. Walk on the treadmill. Running will be too noisy;
 3. Give yourself a manicure and a pedicure. This is a great time to do this because you won't have any distractions and the polish will have time to dry;
4. You can also put on a face mask and a deep conditioning treatment on your hair. I wouldn't recommend checking on your children while you are do this. If you awake them up, they will have nightmares for life;
5. Clean out your mailbox. This is a lot quieter than cleaning out your pantry and almost as rewarding;
6. Sort socks. I hate sorting washing but I do like sorting socks. It's like putting little, soft, soul mates together. This is also a good time to put on on your hand, call it 'Mr Socky' and have a fight with the dog.
7. Dust. This quiet job gets forgotten about. Get those cobwebs high up in the corners but watch out for spiders. Your screams will wake everyone up.
8. Neaten up your bookmarks, desktop icons and sync everything. Make sure you keep saying ' I am syncing' over and over while doing this.
9. Play 'Words with friends' with all your overseas friends
10. Groom the dog. I have special little scissors for these moments.

What do you do when you happen to find yourself awake in the middle of the night?

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Monday, July 30, 2012

The Olympic Opening Ceremony

We were very excited about the Olympic Opening Ceremony.

The girls and I set the alarm to get up at 5.30am to watch it. It was very cold and dark when we crept downstairs. We put the heater on high, grabbed a bunch of blankets and fought over the dog because we all wanted the extra warmth that comes from the fur ball.

It was very exciting.
image credit
And then it wasn't.

Some observations,

1. The Queen would look better if she smiled more
2. My husband does look like Daniel Craig and I wish he would wear a tuxedo more often
3. A lot of the dancing seemed to be in the dark. Bruce Springsteen would have loved it.
4. I think the whole love story, texting thing was silly. This is the Olympics not high school
5. Where was Lily Allen? She should have sung "Smile" to the Queen
6. More importantly, where were Nanny McPhee and Basil Fawlty?
7. Three Cups of coffee didn't make it better
8. David Beckham is very good at pretending to drive a boat
9. I like drums
10. Athletes shouldn't chew gum when walking into the stadium
11. It would have been better in double time.

I kinda wish I had stayed in bed and just read about it on twitter because everything is more interesting on twitter.

Friday, July 27, 2012

10 Running tracks

Here is a list of 10 great running tracks. I have been a good girl (kind of) and have been running a little more. I am currently doing 10km 3 or 4 times a week.  I'll up the distance and regularity again soon.

My running playlist for my run today is:
1. Whistle - Flo Rider (a nice happy warm up track - I am sure it's really only about whistling too)
2. Payphone - Maroon 5 (I know he seems like a creep but I still think he is hot)
3. Here I come by Fergie (It's hard not to do a dance/run for this)
4. Some Nights by Fun (seriously awesome beat)
5. Sk8terboi - Avil Lavigne (I have no idea why I love this song so much. I must secretly be an angry teenage girl)
6. Blow me (one last kiss) - Pink (any P!nk song is awesome to run to)
7. I never liked you anyway - Rogue Traders (angry girl power songs make me run faster but with an angry face)
8. Jungle Drum - Emiliana Torrini (time to pick up the pace)
9. Feel the Love - Rudimental (finishing it off with some feel good songs)
10. This is love - Will-i-am (because he is the king of cool and some of it might rub off onto me - Hell Yeah!!!)

Please add your favourite workout tracks below. I am always looking for more tracks to add to my playlists.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

5 Best Budget Beauty Products under $30

I am so thrilled that my friend Kim-Marie has agreed to write a guest post for us. Kim-Marie has a blog Kimba Likes. She is a beauty product junkie and she has kindly agree to share some of her knowledge with us. Take it away Kimba....

I used to subscribe to the theory that more expensive must be better when it comes to beauty products. Fancy packaging and glamorous advertising must equal better quality products, right? Wrong!

Here are my 5 best budget beauty products under $30, personally tried and tested.

1. Australis Ready Set Go Finishing Powder - $12.95
Want your makeup to last all day? This finely milled translucent powder sets your foundation so it lasts and lasts.  The formulation is talc free and has oil absorbing properties which leaves your makeup feeling weightless and looking flawless. The white colour is a bit off-putting at first, but it disappears into the skin when applied with a big fluffy brush or a mineral makeup buffing brush. It's powder but not as we know it, Jim. I used to buy a similar product from a very well known makeup company for about three times the price of this product.  Guess which one I've never bought again?
image credit
2. Australis Paparazzi Perfect HD Foundation - $19.95
This is the perfect foundation for those days when you need a bit more oomph, with its medium to full coverage. It's an even better choice for days when you know you're going to be photographed a lot, because the very clever formulation doesn't white out under camera flashes. No more moon faces getting tagged on Facebook. The formula contains goodies like Vitamin E and calendula oil to soothe skin, and I still can't believe you can buy it for under $20!
Image credit
3. Trilogy Rosehip Oil Antioxidant+ - $29.95
Liquid gold in a bottle. I love this stuff! It soothes, smooths, softens and nourishes skin like nothing else. I have been a big fan of rosehip oil for years, but this new edition is even better.  It's packed full of antioxidants from red berries and sinks into your skin, leaving it plumped and moisturised, and not remotely oily. It's also extremely versatile. I've used the original rosehip oil as an emergency makeup remover - just smooth onto your face, emulsify with water and rinse off with a muslin cloth. I've pressed it into service as a cuticle oil. I've even rubbed a drop into my palms and smoothed over my flyaway hair. I apply it every day in the morning before I put on my moisturiser all over, and I pat a little extra under my eyes to help plump out those fine lines.  Did you know skincare stops at your boobs, not your chin? As we get older, it's even more important to keep the skin on our necks and décolletage moisturised and treated. May I recommend rosehip oil for the job?
Image credit
4. Face of Australia Eye Primer - $7.95
We all want to look younger and fresher. That's all about keeping the eye area light and bright and illuminated to reflect light. But don't forget your eyelids! Patting on a little of this magic cream on your eyelids lightens and brightens and creates a uniform colour across your eyelid. The obvious benefit is that using a primer helps your eye makeup last by creating a stay put and crease proof base, but wearing it on its own is a great idea too. This product comes in a matte or shimmer formula. I prefer the matte under eyeshadow, and the shimmer on its own. You need the tiniest amount patted on your eyelid, using your ring finger for light and bright eyes. I also pat it into the dark corners where my nose meets my eye.  This is cheaper than a takeaway kebab and much better for your skin!
Image credit
5. Face of Australia Lip Quench Moisturising Lipstick SPF30+ - $9.45
This is good old fashioned lipstick with a modern twist. The SPF30+ helps to protect your lips from the elements and the formulation is smoothing and moisturising with its jojoba oil, shea butter and Vitamin E. I love that it has that old fashioned lipstick scent too. My picks are Malibu Barbie for an amazing pink punch and Lychee Crush, which is the perfect peachy-pinky-nude. Unbelievable quality for the price.

Image credit
All of these products are available from stores like Priceline, Kmart, Target and Big W, as well as selected pharmacies and online. Trilogy is also available at Myer. All prices are RRP but are frequently on offer if you're after even more of a bargain. All images sourced from company websites.

KimbaLikes.com features the deeply shallow musings of Kimba about the things Kimba Likes - family : fashion : frivolity.  Kimba is a dedicated follower of fashion, beauty junkie, stylist to the Gorgeous Girls and an op shopper extraordinaire.  Kimba never leaves the house without lipgloss, and loves cocktail hats as much as cocktails.  Nice to tweet you! 
You can also find her on Facebook at facebook.com/kimbalikes and twitter on @kimbalikes  

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I'm a Covergirl

This is a local magazine, Talking Mums. Guess who is their August 'Cover Girl'
They have released the August cover but not the magazine yet. I'll add the link when I have it. Then you will be able to read the fashion article I wrote on the inside.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Golf anyone?

This week Northstar Motor Group have provided me with a Volkswagen Golf 2.0 TDI (Turbo diesel) to test drive. I was thrilled because when I was 18 a Golf hatch drove past me and it immediately became my dream car. I settled for an Hyundi Excel and it never quite satisfied me.

I was also aware of the popularity of the Diesel Golf. I know it's hard to get your hands on a second hand one. These babies are popular. I had also never driven a diesel so I was curious.
What I like about it:
This drives like a dream. I have so much faith in it's ability to know the road and get the job done. It feels capable and I have complete faith it's ability to handle any road, in any weather, under any circumstances.  I wouldn't expect to say that about a hatch.
I love the torque. I have always wanted to talk about torque and this car explodes at traffic lights. I am not going to encourage some silly teenage boy to drag me off at lights but if I wanted to, I could whip their skinny butts with in this.

The boot space is great for a small car. I had no problem fitting in groceries and school bags.

The fuel gauge barely moved. This could be the most fuel efficient car I have ever driven.
Sports mode - it speaks for itself.

What I don't like:
I personally like a bigger car these days and the hatch doesn't appeal to me anymore but I certainly wasn't thinking about that as I cruised around.
Some facts:
Engine:                       Diesel Turbo F/Inj
Engine size:               2.0L
Fuel economy (city):  5.2 L/ 100km
Safety:                        ANCAP 5 star safety rating
Conclusion: I love the feel of driving this car. It is zippy and great for city living. It would be great for a single person, couple or small family. Great driving, braking, comfort and safety.

Northstar Volkswagen
322 Anzac Avenue Kippa-Ring
3480 8600

Northstar is a paid sponsor of Redcliffe Style but my opinions are not bought and I am always honest.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Only a little embarrassing...

Mimi, my six year old has been begging for me to have baby for years. Even as a toddler, she was obsessed with babies. She always had her 'ball baby' tucked into her top or was begging me to walk around with the 'ball baby'.
I, for some stupid reason, absentmindedly agreed to carry her baby doll around for a day and pretend it was a real baby. Once this had been agreed to, she wouldn't let me forget and called me on it yesterday. I pick up her doll Lilly, brushed her hair, swaddled her and took her out.

We took her to see the Katy Perry movie in 3D...
and then grocery shopping. 
Someone even stopped me to comment on how gorgeous my baby was and asked how old. Instead of making her feel silly or admitting that I was loser for carrying a doll. I said thank you, 3 months but she is sleeping so I had to cover her little sleeping face a little more.  Embarrassment averted.

Until I ran into someone I knew, he looked confused and I felt like a knob. He gave me a gentle hug while side eyeing the swaddled new born in my arms. I had to confess it was a doll.

I am fairly certain he thinks I am crazy and I don't blame him. I feel a little crazy.

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Friday, July 20, 2012

5 Best Skincare Products

My 5 best skincare products have been chosen from the hundreds or thousand I have tried over the years.

1. Clarins Lotus Oil. This has always been and will always be one my absolute favourite products. This smells divine and feels so good when you smooth those drops of heaven into your face. It is 100% pure plant extracts and is a natural astringent for oily to combination skin. I think it's about $49.
2. Savon Creme. This exfoliant has the most perfect fine grains. I will swirl and swirl this onto my face and fall into a trance as I de-clog my pores. I love how my skin feels afterwards. As a teenager I used this once and realised I could never use the Apri Apricot facial scrub again. $40

3. Thalgo Wrinkle Control Eye Patch. As a wrinkly eyed pirate, these patches are excellent for me. They tighten, hydrate, reduce fine lines and crows feet.  I think they are about $55 for a pack of 10. But feel free to contact me and tell me how wrong I am.

4. Danne Foamy Lift and Exoderma Peel. These are expensive. They are also a fussy, time consuming and uncomfortable team. Strangely enough I really enjoy the hard, itchy, concrete that they become.  The release you feel cracking the mask after 45 minute makes it all worth it. I think they are about $76 and $54 but I will double check
5. Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser. So cheap, so gentle. This will not dry out your skin or strip it of your natural oils.  Prices starting from $14.95 but you can always find it on special somewhere.

I would love you to share your favourite products, I am always on the look out for new ones.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Would you like some faeces with that Lipstick?

I recently read in the Sunday Mail how the makeup counter can make you sick and it's not because of the huge magnifying mirrors.
"...one of out ever five make-up testers contain significant amounts of mould, yeast or faecal matter according to an investigation by a US morning TV show. Samples of make up testers from 10 stores were analysed by New York Uni microbiology dept, which found there was no difference in hygiene between testers at high end or budget outlets..."

and Dr Brooks from Jefferson Medical College said
"..you should just think E. coli equals faeces...the percentage of tainted makeup was 100%.."

Oh, that is pretty disgusting. I don't apply lipstick testers to my lips but do put them on the back of my hand. So, when I do that I am applying lipstick and other foreign substances to my hand. I don't want that shit on me. I know we don't want to 'blind buy' our products but it's important that we put our safety first.

Remember that cold sores, herpes or conjunctivitis are contagious too and could be living on the tip of that perfect red lippy.
So let's assume every tester is infected but you can still stop from adding your faeces and what-not into the mix.

Here are some suggestions:

1. The sales assistant should have disposable applicators, ask for some to dip into foundations and apply to your hand or wrist;
2. Look for testers that have a pump action or tube to squeeze product out instead of a jar that you dip your dirty fingers into;
3. Clean the surface of a makeup tester with an alcohol solution (or just swizzle it in your vodka hip flask);
4. Ask the sales assistant for a clean tester. You never know, they might accommodate your request;
5. See if they have little samples instead of an open tester;
6. Use an alcohol solution to clean it off the testers before and afterwards;
7. Never try on anything around your eyes (or your face);
8. Just 'blind buy' and don't touch the testers;
9. After all the testing and alcohol solutions, you really should go out for a drink and inspect your new makeup purchases with a girlfriend;
10. But don't let her try on your makeup. She is germy.

Don't tell me what to do...

Even socks come with instructions now.  Notice the 'L' and 'R'. I refuse to obey a pair of socks.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Stylish Thoughts...

At Blogopolis I attend the Imogen Lamport workshop. Imogen is a successful personal stylist and image consultant and her blog is Inside Out Style. Imogen talked about idea sourcing and content creating. This was a fantastic, informative and useful workshop.

After the workshop I took a deep breath, popped a mint, pulled up my tights and approached her. She was so lovely and kind and gave me her card.

As a direct result of attending Blogopolis and meeting awesome people and I now have a post on her blog Inside Out Style about my Stylish Thoughts. How awesome is that!!
You can find her blog Inside Out Style and my post here ..


Monday, July 16, 2012

Running and falling

I recently went for a run...and a fall.

I took my dog for a run along the Scarborough waterfront last week. I was sucking up the fresh air and enjoying the views. About 1km into it I noticed a man in a wheelchair struggling to go up a sidewalk, he was about to tip over and was only on one wheel. I was on guard. I was about 10 metres away and he had about 10 people with him but they didn't seem to be aware of the imminent accident. I started to run faster. My gait went askew and my dog got confused. She in turn changed her gait to run straight into my legs.

I started to tumble and correct and stumble and correct and this went on for about 10 metres until I landed hard on the road in front of all these people. NoT only was I bruised and battered with scratches and gouges on my palms, knees, shins but I managed to land in a big, dirty puddle of mud.

I got up as gracefully as I could managed and whipped them a quick smile and ran off. Once I got around the corner I started favouring my twisted knee. I brushed off the wet dirt and pebbles and left a streak of blood in it's place.

I did continue on to finish my run, but I was secretly hoping that anyone that saw me thought I was a real trouper.

I was blaming the dog but while I was looking for a photo of her to attach I realised I should have known better. There is overwhelming evidence that she is always underfoot and I should have taken that into consideration.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

I love Redcliffe Peninsula and I love it even more on weekends. My girls and I are always on the lookout for weekend activities and we love anything outside. It's usually not hard to find something to do. Redcliffe has so many local markets, fairs and festivals and we also have great parks, bike paths and beaches.
Recently we slapped on the 30+, hats, packed up the car with scooters, children, the Cavoodle and rolled down the hill to the Scarborough waterfront. The tide was out, the water was still, and the temperature was perfect.
I set up camp under a tree. The children played for hours on their scooters, the park and the beach while I greeted every happy walker and their dog. The only thing that could have made the morning better was a coffee van. Seriously, if you have a coffee van, can you just follow me about on the weekends?

Friday, July 13, 2012

Five things I couldn't write about this week...

I have been a littler quieter than usual on the blog, twitter and facebook. I am going to blame it on a little 'R'. My keyboard decided it didn't like this letter anymore. I kept trying to write, hoping that auto correct would fix up all the missing letters but it was doing a worse job than me.

It makes it really hard to write Redcliffe Style or Rachel without an 'R'.

Five other things I also couldn't write about:
1. Three Risqué bedroom tips for Rampallions;
2. Recoct Rocket Risotto Recipe - This could have been my greatest recipe yet;
3. Rabble rousing riffraff - what an awesome post it could have been;
4. Roller Derby roller-skates; and
5. Secret squirrels reveals revealing secret.
Lucky, this morning the 'R' is back.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mermaid Tales

Stompy and Mimi have been begging me to make them some mermaid costumes. They think I can do anything (I really should stop telling them that I can).

In their vision, I make a wonderful costume and they look and swim like like real mermaids. This is a pretty tough brief to meet.
Off we go to a local haberdashery. 
 Once again I rely on my natural instincts. No patterns, no research and no plans...
 Fold fabric into 4, have your child lie down on the edge and draw the shape. I decided to go for a full body suit because this avoided needing waist bands or elastic.
 Sew along edges and then get someone to try it on. The fins didn't look exactly like my vision but at least this mermaid can still wear shoes when she walks on land.
The other girl decided she didn't want a mermaid costume after all.

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