Friday, June 29, 2012

Tips on Supermarket Shopping

I have asked some wonderful local bloggers to write guest posts and I have the extremely funny and charming Lisa from Mrs BC's house of Chaos guest posting today. Lisa is one of my favourite bloggers and I know you will love her as much as I do....
Hello! I blog over at Mrs BC’s house of Chaos, but today I am sharing some pearls of wisdom for you here, at Redcliffe Style.

I was going to give you my style tips, considering this is a stylish blog, but that could be considered slightly fraudulent as I really don’t have any. It would be a very short post – 
  thongs, ballet flats or boots (seasonal);  
  hopefully nice shirt that covers your lady bumps; 
  cardigan if required.
Thanks for having me!

No, I thought I might share some hints on something I was clearly born to do, something I spend hours and hours doing, something I have done in different states and different countries. Something I practise every single day.

Tips on Supermarket Shopping
1.    Shopping is hard work, so reward yourself. I like to sit down and read a glossy magazine, but I can’t do that after shopping or my frozen items will thaw. It’s also hard to shop for new shoes or have a cocktail with a full trolley by your side, so think ahead and get your reward first!

2.    Find a supermarket you like and get to know it intimately. Know where everything is so you don’t waste time wandering about. Write your shopping list in order of your trolleys route, so you don’t waste time searching for things.  

3.    Don’t shop on an empty stomach, because you will buy all sorts of so called food stuffs that you don’t need and can’t afford. If you can’t avoid it, at least buy a coffee and a little sustenance to get you through the aisles.

4.    Handle a trolley like you handle a car, with confidence and mastery. If you hold your head high and stride purposefully, people will jump out of your way.

5.    Its one thing to avoid trolley rage, but it is another thing entirely to take any unnecessary nonsense from people who have no business in the supermarket (looking at you, retired husbands) at the very least, a snippy look will give them something to discuss at bowls besides the weather; so really, you are doing them a service.

6.    If your favourite brand is on special, buy only as much as you can store. Sounds simple, but how much toilet paper can you fit in your bathroom
7.    Generic brands are great. I never used to think so, but now I love them. I started off with basics like flour and soda water, and then expanded to other items. My current favourites are Woolworth’s cocoa powder which is like Dutch process cocoa, and chicken nuggets. Yes! Chicken nuggets! Get over it!

8.    Check out the supermarkets secret timetable. What day is the meat on sale? When do they mark down the seafood? Sometimes the trolley traffic flow changes depending on the day or hour. Sometimes (if you are in the city) there is an unofficial singles night, and it probably won’t be Thursday or Friday night. On singles night, it might be a special code to put bananas in your trolley, so, pays to be aware Mmkay?

9.    Most supermarkets are pretty good at keeping their shelves stocked, but if you want it and the shelf is empty, ask a shop assistant to get it off the top shelf, or look out the back. They might not want to, but it is their job so they are obliged.

10. At the checkout, let the person with 4 items go ahead of you and your full trolley. Make sure you smile nicely at them. The shop assistant will think you are a lovely person and won’t be so reluctant to look out the back for you next time. The retired husband you offended back in aisle 2 will decide it must have been his fault after all. His wife, who has been listening to him complain all this time will decide he has finally lost the plot and leave him at home next time. Supermarket karma is a funny thing!

Happy shopping!
Mrs BC

You can find Lisa at Mrs BC House of Chaos and on Facebook. Make sure you drop by and say hello.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Designer Liquidation Sale

One of my favourite clothes shops is having a liquidation sale and everything must go. Abby Lee Fashion Boutique on Landsborough Avenue, Scarborough. They stock so many gorgeous labels and they are now going with 50% off AND they have reduced a large amount of stock down to just $50. Some of the labels in stock are Verge, Gabriella Frattini, Vertice, Dusud, Denim Girl, Seafolly, Mela Purdie and Valia. You won't want to miss out on this sale.

I am desperate for this gorgeous jacket. It looks amazing on.
This denim shirt is so soft and has some wonderful quirky features. 
 Accessories galore...
 My eagle eyes noticed this skirt immediately. I love the colours and playfulness of it. 
Drop by and visit Chris and Leanne and pick up some wonderful bargains. They also have more photos of sale stock on their Facebook page, Abby Lee Fashion Boutique

Abby Lee Fashion Boutique
2/87-89 Landsborough Avenue, Scarborough
3880 2221

I've been lashed and I love it!

In preparation of Blogopolis this weekend (yes I am mentioning it again) I dropped into Lash Me at North Lakes for a brow shape n' tint and some eyelash extensions. I know this seems a little over the top for a convention, but I had been hearing about their new Cheveux Eyelash extensions and this seemed like a great time to give them a whirl.

What makes these extensions different is that that are made from human hair. I know this sounds a little Buffalo Bill (from Silence of the Lambs) but I have only heard great things. They are cruelty free, lightweight, finer than mink or acrylic and have a consistent curl.

My technician was magic fingers Michelle. She is so light fingered, gentle and is a complete perfectionist. I love that. There was not one unruly brow hair that went unplucked or one stubby lash that went unattended.

This is my before. I am kind of surprised how sparse my lashes and brows are looking in the photo. 
After, I only have a little eyeliner on. I can not wait to see how these babies look with some liquid eyeliner and shadow.
I love that Katrina at Lash Me is always on the lookout for the latest and best products in her field. I think she really knocked it out of the park with these. She has now opened up salons in Noosa, Melbourne and Sydney.

Lash Me Extensions
14 Discovery Drive, North Lakes
1300 LASH ME
(Also in Paddington and New Farm)

I received the product to review but I did not receive any payment to review it. I am happy to receive payment but I will always give an honest opinion.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Here comes the Brides...

Early this month I helped a friend. Beautiful You wanted to put together a photo book for brides showing them hair and makeup. They did all the hard work, hair and makeup and I took the lovely ladies down to the beach to take photos. Here are a few of my favourite snaps of the day.

PS: I am joining up for Wordless Wednesday at My Little Drummer Boys.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I must resist....

When the beautician warns against using something too often due to its power I can't help but challenge that theory. When they say once a week, I do 3 times. When they say gently rub for 2 minutes, I'll scrub hard for 10. I know more is not better but I have no power to resist.
Over the years I have scrubbed my face off, burnt it, broken out but still I can't resist.

This week I received a new cream and they warned me against it's super powers. I-MUST-RESIST!!

Is this just me? Can you resist?

On Tuesdays I link up with Diary of a SAHM

Monday, June 25, 2012

Prep work for Blogopolis

I wasn't planning on going to Blogopolis in Sydney. I knew it was on and I was watching the excitement grow.

My dream was to be better prepared, more confident, have a killer wardrobe and go next year.

My husband decided differently, He told me to book a ticket and off he trotted to buy plane tickets for the family and book a hotel. Woo hoo!!

Now I have to rush to fit in the important stuff
1. Visit Lash me for their new Lash extension and a brow shape;
2. Visit Beautiful You for shellac nails and a trim;
3. Go to Chermside and hit the shops for an outfit that screams comfort and confident; and
4. Freak out. I am so nervous with crowds.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Things that made me smile today...

These tiny little flowers my daughter picked and put into a shot glass. There are lots of things that are really great in shot glasses but I think for breakfast time this was excellent.
 This gorgeous pink cauliflower I found in Coles. 
My 6yo "it kinda freaks me out". 
Me "Toughen up and eat your pink cauliflower. This is what a Disney Princess would eat"
 The sequinned backdrop my husband made for my vlogging.
It's like a disco for a really, lonely, sad lady.
Magazine freebies, woo hoo....
and here is a vlog about the freebies in front of my disco background.

Friday, June 22, 2012


I am so happy to have a guest post at Farmer's Wifey today. I am writing about what inspires me.

10 Things - Reasons I'll stalk your blog

My name is Rachel and I am a blogaholic.
I love blogs, I love writing mine and I love reading others.  Here are my top 10 reasons why I'll stalk your blog:

1. If you have an easy reading font. Not to colourful, small or fancy. This isn't an invitation to a wedding;
2. You post regularly. If I visit a blog that hasn't been posted on for 6 months, I won't come back. It's like picking up a Woman's Day at the Doctors and seeing Lady Di on the front;
3. A great competition. I'll not going to lie, I love a good freebie;
4. I learnt something. I have a lot to learn, so this isn't a difficult one;
5. Great photography. I find this so inspiration;
6. The blogger has engaged their readers. I love to see comments and responses and I like to be rewarded for my comment :);
7. The blog is attractive. Not messy or lots of busy ads;
8. If I can feel the writer in their words and you get a sense of them. I want to know them better.  Does that even make sense?
9. If it's not full of obvious spelling mistakes. I have to say obvious, because my blog is riddled with them but it's not so obvious to me;
10. You make me smile. I will come back over and over; and
11. Captcha drive me crazy (I know there should only be ten, but this really needed to be mentioned).

If you have your own blog or a favourite blog, I would love you to write about it in the comments. I'd love to visit.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

TLC Fun Run

Do you want to drag your warm snuggly family outside, into the cold and get them moving? Me too!!

The Lakes College Fun Run in North Lakes is the perfect opportunity. It's held on the 19th August, is a fantastic run and is great for beginners. You can choose a distance of either 2km, 6km or 10km. I love the 10km but now my girls have hopped on fun run band wagon and I'll do the 2km with them. This is an excellent distance for their little legs or for beginners. The 2km run is around the lake and you are so distracted by the beauty you won't even notice you have been exercising. You will love the proud look on the children's faces when they have completed the run. 
Afterwards, they supply water and fruit for the runners or you can head out to a local cafe for breakfast to refuel your bodies. I'm thinking Watercrest Restaurant in Evergreen Centre. 

You can register at and families will receive a discount.

The Losing Battle

I have a guest post over at Hello Owl this week. I am talking about the losing battle - house cleaning.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mod Podge Botch Job

I had morning tea with some lovely local bloggers. These ladies know their stuff and they were talking about something called 'Mod Podge'. I asked was it was and they happily told me all about it.

I started to obsess on getting my hands on some. I started to obsess on what awesome wearable art I could create. I was imagining a world of crafty awesomeness opening up in my near future. A friend heard of my obsession and kindly gave me some of her leftover Mod Podge. It was only a little bit and I had grand plans but it was a start.
I found a Witchery bracelet I hadn't worn for a least a week and a scarf for about the same period. They both had to be sacrifice for art. I was on a mission.
I guessed the exact measurements. An artist doesn't have time for rulers or markers.
 I grabbed a paint brush and stirred the Mod Podge (the brush was another sacrifice)...
 wrapped and podged the bracelet...  
...and then tossed the ugly and unwearable art bracelet in the trash.
I probably should put a little more thought into Mod podge before I sacrifice anything else.