Sunday, October 30, 2011

Puppy Paradise

My girls and I took our dog to the Doggy Fun Day at Kroll Park organised by Peninsula Animal Aid. It was fantastic to see all these dogs, unleashed and mingling. These dogs were big enough to put aside their differences and preconceived ideas they may have had of each other to come out in support of a great cause. There was a huge, black, Great Dane playing with a little, Labrador puppy, a Tea-cup Chihuahua prancing beside a bulldog and a perfectly, groomed poodle sitting in the muddy, play pool beside an equally muddy, cattle dog. I even saw a standard Fox Terrier near a Mini-Foxy. They avoided eye contact, but I understand their issues go deep due to the popularity surge in minis over the years. We even "borrowed" a few handfuls of change from my husband secret stash to donate to the awesome cause. (If my husband reads this, of course we are going to replace it!!).

This is a great day out for the family and dogs. We will certainly be going again next year.

Please make sure you visit Peninsula Animal Aid to donate. This is a fantastic cause and they need all the help you can offer.


Friday, October 28, 2011

Marvelous Massage in Margate

A friend visited Beautiful You for a massage earlier this week and raved about it. Then, I noticed they had a special on today, 1 hour for $50. It was a sign that it was time to spoil myself with a massage. I like them but don't get them often. This was an exciting treat.

My masseur was the lovely Stephanie and I had the relaxing aromatherapy massage. I'll start with why I really liked Stephanie. She is very sweet looking and isn't remotely intimidating, no overwhelming smells - even good smells can be distracting when you are trying to relax, and after appropriate greetings and small talk, she doesn't chit-chat. Don't get me wrong, I can chit-chat my little heart out, anytime, anywhere, but when I am nude and have a relative stranger rubbing oil over my body, I have enough internal monolog that only babble would come out of my mouth.
The room was beautiful, dim lighting, candle lights, soft music and the perfect temperature. Stephanie left the room so I could strip, dive under the towels and then artfully re-arrange them. I would have been perfectly happy just sleeping in the room for an hour. It was very peaceful.

I find it difficult to relax with massages, I am always tense, holding on to the table, trying to keep my limbs where I think they want them, holding my breathe too long, etc. But Stephanie certainly made me relax and I had the most relaxing, peaceful hour I have had in years. I can not wait to try the warm seashell massage, I will even go for the 80min one and throw in a Hyaluronic facial too. This is definitely something we should all do more often.

Usually, I would try to fit in a run before the school pickup, but today I think I am going to grab my book and sit on the beach. We all deserve to slow down and relax a little sometimes.

Beautiful You
Day Spa
3284 6463

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Chilli Jam

I am always on the hunt for the perfect Chilli Jam. A few years ago, there was a fantastic restaurant in Margate called Waterlily. We ate breakfast there every Sunday. We would read the paper and I would order the same thing every time. It won't sound as delicious as it was. Two fried eggs, served on jasmine rice, topped with chilli jam and garnished with vietnamese mint and fried shallots. I still dream about this. Oooh, the soft, not-too-runny eggs, the fragrant rice, the crunchy shallots, the spicy, minty herbs and the hot, sweet chilli jam. Every time I come across a new chilli jam, and can manage to find vietnamese mint, I recreate it. I am always disappointed. Until recently, the chilli jams were all wrong. Too runny, too jelly-like, too chunky, too much onion, etc. Then I discovered a great jam at the Feel Goodz cafe, in Woody Point. Matchett's Chilli Jam. It is perfect!! As soon as I find the mint, I will make this, and try to photograph before devouring it, and you will see how mouthwatering delicious this combination is.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I really envy talented people. I wish I was a talented painter, like local artists Beth Thomas or Katie Hotko, or could sing beautifully like Chrislyn Hamilton or Rebecca Webber, or play an instrument like The Cliffes, or even add things up really well, or juggle. If I had to dig deep, I guess I am confident that I can pick up and move really, heavy, objects and I am very good at time management. I am like the Superhero of time management. I wonder what a good superhero name would be? Ladytime, Timegirl, Lamegirl. Usually, when I turn into Timegirl the only way you can tell is by my focused, frowny face. Just for you, I created a complete super hero outfit. I have wasted enough time, off to move around some heavy furniture.

Monday, October 24, 2011

My Lust list

There are a few holes in my current summer wardrobe. I have decided to make a list of what I need, together with a photo of my inspiration for each. Then I am going to search the Peninsular and see what I can find to fill the voids.

1. Some tan wooden platforms. These are from Frye Fran, and would go with almost anything;

2. A beautiful bag. This gorgeous bag is from House of Harlow. Nicole Ritchie knows her stuff;
3. A lovely, simple summer dress that I don't need to iron. I love this jersey midi dress by Rare, but not enough to iron it. It has cut out details on the back. It would look great with the tan platforms

4. A patterned dress that screams summer. I love this one by Haute Hippy, or anything by Haute Hippy.

5. A cool T-shirt. This one is by Bassike. I love that it hangs lower at the back, hides whatever you might want to hide.

6. A pair of white skinny ankle skimming jeans. I always think this and this has never worked for me. I should give up and accept this, but I won't. These are by 7 for all Mankind, maybe these are the ones that will work!!

7. A fantastic pair of leopard print booties or wedges. I know these aren't really summer. But I want them anyway. Ok, these are Louboutin, but remember, I am only using them as inspiration.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mouth-watering delights at The Sugar Deli

My sister and I decided to visit "The Sugar Deli" for one of their famous desserts. They have only been set up for a few months and word has spread fast about Sara's huge, mouth-watering, desserts and excellent coffee. I would like to say that my sister and I are well know for our bird-like appetites, but this would be a massive lie. In fact, we are quite greedy girls and were looking forward to this challenge very much.

We stood drooling in front of the choices for about 30 minutes before we decided to split a Mocha Stack. Coffees and cake came out quickly. The coffee was excellent. The cake was a massive, glistening, mountain of sponge, meringue, mocha, maybe a mascapone mix of some sort and served with cream and jam. We picked up our forks and attacked with gusto. Half way through our pace slackened, by 3/4 we were in slow motion. We did not give up.

Afterwards, we slowly crawled across the road, torn between taking the children to the conveniently located Scarborough Park or the beach. The beach narrowly won. We contently lounged in the sun as the children ran off steam. I am going to make it a personal goal to try one of their desserts every week. A person needs goals.

If you are not a sweet tooth, they also serve a selection of delicious savoury food, amazing deli platters and a mean breakfast.

The Sugar Deli
97 Landsborough Avenue, Scarborough
3880 3192

edit: now open for dinner Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 5pm.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Secret Garden in Redcliffe

As I drive along Victoria Avenue, I was prepared to be slightly disappointed. I had heard rave reviews about Redcliffe City Florist. Could they live up to them? I expected beautiful flowers and I was not disappointed. What I didn't expect was the gorgeous, colorful, knitted children's toys, the striking, moroccan lighting, the whimsical, garden decorations, the sweetly scented soaps....aaahhh. My husband was lucky I left my purse in the car. There were half a dozen items I would have purchased in a wink. This lovely store is like a magical, secret garden. I can imagine delicate, little, fairies flying around in the morning light, setting up the stands and using magic dust to open the flowers. I will be back and I won't bring my purse, but I will bring my husband and his wallet.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Feelin' good about Feel Goodz in Woody Point

We had breakfast here this morning. I would love to have been able to show you a picture of my well presented, perfectly cooked, Eggs Benedict but it was gone the moment it hit the table. I am not even sure I chewed. The eggs were poached perfectly, the sauce was generous, tasty, and importantly, not too salty. This is a deli, coffee shop, gelato bar and COOKING SCHOOL all rolled into one. I would certainly recommend trying it but make sure you get there early. You can't book a table and, for good reasons, the cyclist like to finish their Sunday morning ride here. It also has a wonderful view of the Woody Point Jetty. Have breakfast, read the paper and walk it off up the jetty. Fantastic way to start the day. We'll definitely be back, maybe even for Gelato this afternoon.

Feel Goodz
14 Oxley Ave, Woody Point.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Orange Sherbet Treasure trove

Today I dropped in to say hello to the owner of Orange Sherbet, the lovely Katie Naprasnik. This little gem is packed to the hilt with wonderful things. They have lots of clothes for the young and fun. What surprised me was all the other amazing items. Accessories, gifts, decorating and so much more. I really would have liked more time. I fell completely in-love with this Mink Pink bag/clutch. I think it's a steal at $79. I'll definitely return to have a better look around and try on some clothes. Fingers crossed the bag will still be there. They are very excited as their 5th birthday is coming up. They'll be celebrating this on 29th October in Bluewater. They have some fun things planned, so drop by and help them celebrate.