Monday, February 11, 2013

Blogger Basics: So you've written a post, what now?

Back when I started blogging, I would write a post and let it sit there. I would hope someone would somehow find it, read it and hopefully remember to come back again. What I have learned since then is...

Make it easy for people to find you.

After publishing a post these are the steps I take to help people find it:

1. Minimise the URL in Bitly and tweet it from there
2. Use the new URL to add tweets to Buffer for later in the day
3. Share the post on my blog Facebook page
4. Add it to a linky party if relevant
5. Mention it on Instagram
6. If I have reviewed a product or event. I'll email the necessary people with a
    thank you and a copy of the link
7. If I have written about certain brands, I'll tweet them to make them aware of the
    shout out, and
8. Share it on Pinterest. You need to make sure your post has a photo to do this.

If no-one finds it after all this, I'll pour a coffee, ponder and start all over again.

What steps do you take to help people discover your blog?

PS: Also, SEO helps with people discovering you via Google. This is more detailed and another post.


  1. Thanks for this post- was just wondering about this today! Very timely.

  2. You are so helpful & generous with your knowledge. Cheers

    1. Thanks Lydia, I don't know much but I am happy to share x

  3. Excellent advice. I always find a good bump after using Buffer - and I found Buffer through you!

    1. I'm glad you are using it. I love Buffer x

  4. Thank you Rachel I think I really should start to start doing this sort of thing! I am totes of the write a post and leave it school, apart from linky parties occasionally!

    1. You really should. Your blog will love you for it :)

  5. Great tips thanks I am trying to get more hits and followers to my blog but its not so easy. I use Bitly but trying to use Buffer but its not playing nicely today!!
    Would love to know how you have so many people following your blog ? Any more tips up your sleeve Rachel? I will try all your suggestions cheers G x