Media Kit

Redcliffe Style’s readership has grown fast since its commencement in October 2011. There have been over 259,000 page views and usually over 30,000 page views per month. The figures are continually increasing and will continue to increase as the blog network expands. Redcliffe Style is a positive and humorous blog with a focus on life, style, beauty and blogging.

Facebook likes 1176
Twitter followers 825
Instagram followers 492
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Editorial opportunities on Redcliffe Style
Redcliffe Style offers a number of editorial opportunities for your fashion, beauty or lifestyle brand.

Sponsored Post
I am happy to receive and review products I feel are relevant to my readers. My reviews will always be honest. The sponsored post fee is $200 plus the product, item or service. This fee must be paid in advance. Sponsorship will be disclosed on every post.

Product Trial
I am happy to accept product for trial or review. I will be fair with products sent for trial but there are no guarantees that your product or service will appear on Redcliffe Style. I will only review products I believe will interest Redcliffe Style readers. Gifted products will always be disclosed. 
If you would prefer your product or service to be featured on its own post you must pay the sponsorship fee.

I love to host competitions I believe will interest the readers. These competitions will run for one week and are promoted via social media channels during this time. The competition is a game of skill and is judged on originality and creativity to meet nationwide competition laws.

To be eligible for a competition, you must meet the following guidelines:
·          If relevant, a sample of the prize to be gifted to Redcliffe Style to enable an accurate review to be written.
·         Minimum total prize value of $50
·         You must send the prizes directly to the winner.
·         Sponsored post fee to be paid in advance.

Style Posts:
Throughout the year, Redcliffe Style features regular style posts. If you would like your garments or products to be featured, we ask that the clothes are gifted to Rachel Wernicke. There are no guarantees that your product or garment will appear on Redcliffe Style. The gift will be disclosed on every post.

Advertising on Redcliffe Style

Right hand sidebar:
120 x 120 (small square) $35 per month (artwork and web link to be supplied)
265 x 120 (rectangle) $45 per month (artwork and web link to be supplied)
Ads are to be booked for 3 months, 6 month or 12 month periods and paid for in advance. 6 months will receive a 5% discount and 12 months will receive a 20% discount.
There are no refunds on ads once paid.

Sponsor posts and brand ambassadorships
If you would like to inquire about sponsored posts, brand ambassadorships or event sponsorships with Redcliffe Style, please contact me.

If you would like to discuss any of the above or would like information on the latest readership statistics please contact