Saturday, July 7, 2012

Blogopolis - one week later

One week after Blogopolis.

I should have written earlier but I just didn't know where to start. I had an amazing and full weekend.

I arrived with the husband and girls at about 8am Friday morning. We had a busy day sight seeing and then checked into the Sofitel. After cleaning up, we head down to the bar for a drink. In the lobby I ran into B Being Cool and Craftymummy and they were both so lovely and friendly.

My husband and I decided to take the girls to a restaurant around the corner he had seen earlier. We managed to find it again and they could fit us in. It was gorgeous, dark (like black) with sexy music. The food was amazing. It turned out to be Neil Perry's Spiced Temple. Derr, we should know things like that.

We had an early night but then insomnia kicked in. I was freaking out about Blogopolis and thinking about my husband taking the girls to Tarongo Zoo. I was convinced he would lose them or they would be kidnapped. There was 100% chance of one of these things happening.

Saturday morning, drink loads of coffee, write in pen all over the girls, their name, my name, my mobile, my web address, etc you never know what details they will need in an emergency. I also discover mystery note - you can read about that here.

I run into Melissa from Suger Coat it in the lobby - Yay!! a familiar friendly face. Out for (my second) breakfast.
a photo I lifted from Extra Large as life, and she stole it from Octavia and Vicky and With some Grace.

The Blogopolis. So many wonderful bloggers in one room. I had a dream list of who I would like to meet:
Mrs Woogs from Woogsworld
Nikki Parkinson from Styling You
Tina Gray from Tina Gray(dot)me
Katrina Chambers from Media Maid and Katrina from the Block
Kim-Marie from Kimba likes

I manage to meet these awesome ladies and they were gracious enough to pretend they knew who I was. For that alone, I will remain a lifelong reader.
with the amazing Nikki Parkinson - image from Styling You
 with Kimbalikes and B Being Cool - image from Kimbalikes

I heard many many fantastic speakers, I learnt so much. I have notes coming out of my ears and they're all illegible.

Afterwards, we headed out for drinks, I walked and talked with the lovely Deb from Diet Schmiet and then I went out for dinner with Kimba and LouWink. These two are awesome and it really was a great way to finish a huge day.
 with Louwink and Kimbalikes - image from Kimbalikes

I want to buy my ticket in advance for the next one. Who wants to be roomies?


  1. Great post... Am thinking I should have joined you for dinner, rather than skipping food entirely and continuing to drink!!!


    1. It would have been great to include you in the dinner. You probably wouldn't have ended up bruised and battered :) Rachel x

  2. That's funny Rachel. You forgot about how they could've fallen off the ferry, got hit by a car and choked on something. I'm exactly the same! And that's just to go to the shops! LOL Sounds like a wonderful weekend and you looked gorgeous.

    Anne xx

    1. I tried not to think about those things, but I certainly will next time. LOL thanks a lot Anne. Rachel x

  3. Replies
    1. It was lovely meeting you. I hope you recover from the Blogopolis flu quickly. Rachel x

  4. Oooo pick me pick me!!! Will have to give some serious thought to going next year :-)

    1. You should definitely consider next year. I hope they consider holding in it Brisbane next time. Rx

  5. Pity we didn't meet! Must do next time!

  6. Replies
    1. It was fantastic. I look forward to the next one because I'll be able to relax more and make the most of it. Rx

  7. Pick me! I'll be your roomy (but note that I snore, so your choice). I really really want to go next year, and do you know what? I'm going to make it happen!

    I wrote my number all over the boy's arms yesterday at the Abby Festival, it's a great idea!


    1. I'll buy earplugs and liquor up. We'll manage :)

  8. Bags being your roomie ;) you may need to put all our names in a hat. I am gutted I couldnt make it this year and I totally want to go next year. I have been devouring everyones posts about it over the past 2 days after I have been absent with my nose stuck in a certain fifty Shades series lol xx

    1. I'll love to be your roomie too. You should have been there. Next year!! I have ordered that book for book club but haven't started it yet.