Thursday, August 9, 2012

5 Breastfeeding Fashion Tips

Today Talia from The Climbing Tree and Number 19 is guest posting. I am thrilled that she has chosen to write about her fashion tips for breastfeeding mums. 

Talia's Top Five Breastfeeding Fashion Tips

Hey lovely readers, I'm Talia (T'lia) from The Climbing Tree & Number 19. I'm no fashion expert, in fact, I'm only just now delving into the world of fashion at 25 years old.  When I was pregnant, fashion was FUN. I'm one of the people who just loves being pregnant and showing off my belly. But once my son was born I suddenly had nothing to wear! I am a determined public breastfeeder, but that doesn't mean I want the whole world to see my ladies! I was on a quest to find my new breastfeeding friendly style! I've had six months practice now, and I think I've got things pretty under control. I am happy with how I'm dressing most days, possibly a first in my life! Woo! So here are my top breastfeeding fashion tips.
Singlet tops
I wear a singlet top (or one of those bra tops) under every top I wear now. Because I was pregnant in summer, I basically lived in singlet tops, and have quite a collection! I have nearly ever colour you can imagine, but the best ones for breastfeeding wear are black, light grey and dark grey.

When you are feeing, you can pull your regular top up, and the singlet down - so your mummy tummy is not showing to the world, and neither are the tops of your boobs!

Another great cover up, particularly good if you're wearing a button up top, and need a bit of extra cover.  When Lior was little I fould it a good sun protector too in cause we weren't sitting in an ideal place for feeding. Scarves are also great for creating slimming visual lines!
Button up tops
I don't wear them exclusively (the singlet top idea makes wearing all tops accessible), but they're still a really handy item to have. My only problem with them is unbuttoning it fast enough when the baby is in a tizz!

A good bra
Sorry of this is TMI, but I find that breastfeeding makes my bra size fluctuate every few days. It's crazy, and getting a good fitting bra is really important to give you the right support, and keep them save and comfy.

A baby
Seriously. No one cares what you're wearing when you've got a cute baby cuddled into you!

Thank you so much Talia for stopping by and sharing your tips.

Please visit her blogs at  The Climbing Tree & Number 19.


  1. Love all of these especially the first two. At 10 months, the baby is really curious about his surroundings and wanting to look around a lot. A scarf has saved me many times from flashing my boobs to the world!

    1. Scarves are still one of my favourite items.

  2. I now have a vast collection of scarves! They are invaluable when I'm out and about with bub, I can look suave and cover up the twins when feeding. It's nicer than carrying a wrap around. Great tips!

    1. They are handy and look fantastic. I have so many scarves, I just wish I had discovered them when I was breastfeeding :)

  3. Great tips for covering your bits. Annie B xo

  4. I am a pregnant mother, I have only a few weeks to deliver my baby. However your breastfeeding ideas are really useful to me, thanks a lot.