Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hunger Games fashion and giveaway

I am a huge fan of the Hunger Games trilogy. I bought them prior to the movie coming out and read them cover to cover within a week.  I had a clear image in my mind of the costumes and I loved the images I had created in my mind.

Then I saw the movie and they brought my imagination to life. I loved everything about the costumes.

I love the simple lines and muted colours of the people from District 12. I loved the dresses with modest hemlines and high necklines. Their braids and ponytails and their clean faces. These people had so much more to worry about than their appearances.

This was in stark contrast to the Capital.    

I love the exaggerated colours, hair and makeup of the Capitol. They were mesmerising. As much as I hated the people in the Capitol, I adored looking at them. They were all so vain, shallow and fabulous. Effie was my favourite. Ok, so her makeup was a little (a lot) caked on but other than that, she was perfect.

EDIT - This Giveaway has now closed and the winners have been notified. Thanks for entering.

To celebrate the release of the Hunger Games DVD I have three copies of the DVD to giveaway.  Please tell me below why you would like to win this and the three most entertaining answers will receive their own DVD.  Please enter prior to 6am on 21 August 2012

The Hunger Games is available to own on DVD and Blu-Ray 17th August  2012


  1. My children are driving me batty,
    I'm totally stressed to the max,
    This movie is the perfect escape,
    To sit, watch, enjoy and relax!

  2. I would love this documentary to show my children so that they can be educated on family life in other cultures. It's important for them to know that not everyone has a supermarket, and some countries don't have chicken nuggets at all. It might give them some good tips for orienteering as well.

  3. I am a huge fan and have been counting down to the dvd release (already saw it in the cinema twice) - i would like to win so i can watch the DVD with my husband and our friends. Everyone is borrowing my books and my friend's husband even had to come over late at night in his PJs to get book 3 because he could not wait to carry on - he called trying to be polite about returning my books 1 and 2 and when i said "no hurry" and he kept pushing it i made him admit he just could not sleep without starting book #3 - you could call us die hard fans!

  4. I am hooked, having demolished the books in record time and embarrassingly dragging the kids from store to store to get a copy of the last one. Unfortunately I couldn't convince hubby that it would be the perfect "date" night for us to go see it in the cinemas.

  5. I haven't read the books but I would love to see the DVD... I need to win the DVD because otherwise my husband will download some second-rate, blurry version and I won't be able to really enjoy the divine costumes you speak of!

  6. I have always been obsessed with reading Science Fiction/Fantasy. I have always been a huge movie buff. Since having children I get to do neither. I am also a librarian. Sad and embarrassed that I have done neither. Don't make me read 50 shades of grey to entertain myself...that would be a new low!

  7. I'd love to win it cos I haven't seen it and can't be bothered reading the books cos I don't know if I'll like them.

    (Umm.... that's probably not the answer you were looking for?!)


  8. I would love this DVD to watch as an escape from ABC Kidsand Top Gear!

  9. Loved the book, absolutely LOVED the book! So glad it got made into a motion picture, love watching the characters from the book come to life. Love science fiction!

  10. Grandchildren keeping me informed as they read the books now i am hooked the dvd's would be perfect to keep me sane as i recoup from soon to have surgery

  11. I loved the books, and I hate having to wait so long between instalments, and it would be nice to have some Liam Hemsworth to drool over during the day :) Megan.

  12. When I was 8-9 years old I read Harry Potter and fell in love with it and I fell in love with the movie when it was released. I also fell in love with The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo books and then the film. I passed on the Twilight franchise all together (I did see some of the films, not my cup of tea) and then when The Hunger Games came out I thought 'just another series trying to grab a bit of Harry Potter fame'. I was dragged to the theater by some friends and to my surprise, it was great! So I decided to secretly read the book because it seemed like something for tween girls but before I knew it I had read all 3 books. I am a 22 yr old male and I love this series. I don't care who knows!! :D

    alienxphile at yahoo dot com

  13. I LOVED the books and hunger to see games they play!

  14. Okay, I need to read these books. Will add them to my list. And then I have to watch the movies.... because I cannot watch a movie unless I have read the book. No I cannot.

  15. I adored the books because the trilogy is a rollicking good yarn that raises interesting political issues. I love the way Katniss is complex and conflicted - not even she is sure which of her motivations is behind why she makes the choices she does, and I find that very believable. I would love to relive the suspense, adventure and thrills of a big screen dramatisation that more than lives up to how I envisaged the original books.

  16. Melissa Davis melskates@hotmail.comAugust 17, 2012 at 6:11 PM

    R Reading the books I was hooked from page one,
    E Ending it there just couldn't be done!
    D Dying to see the movie with all the cute boys,
    C Cinna's amazing with his comforting ploys!
    L Love the story, the characters and cast,
    I If the only the second movie could come real fast!
    F Fast, fiery and definitely freaky,
    F Funky, fashionable and all so sneaky!

  17. Roses are red,
    violets are blue,
    The HG trilogy has stuck on me like glue.

    I went to the midnight showing,
    I was picked as tribute**
    I think Peeta is a hottie
    and even Gale is so cute.

    I actually have a massive crush
    on the one and only Peeta Mellark
    he's so strong and sweet
    and handsome... and dark!

    I dress up like Katniss
    for my friends 18th parties
    I wonder what they did in the arena
    when they needed to do farties (??)

    I would buy the film myself
    but at the moment I'm poor.
    My best friends already got it
    And i'm competitive, and want more.

    Please fuel my obsession
    and give me the movie
    So i can perve privately on Peeta
    It'll be pretty groovie.

    - Mariah

  18. I'd love a copy of The Hunger Games movie because I can't wait to see Woody Harrelson as Haymitch. Even though he's not at all how I imagined the character I think he will be hilarious! Plus the rest of the boys in the cast are pretty darn good looking too :-)

  19. I would love to watch the movie so I can drool over the clothing from the mining region. Does anyone else see the resemblance to 1930s Depression era clothing?

  20. Ooops, the above comment was mine.

  21. Kim m galwayst@hotmail.comAugust 18, 2012 at 5:28 PM

    I am stupid, and didn't get to the cinema to watch this, please dont let me be stupid mow!

  22. I am dying of boredom. Between son's Big Bang Theory DVD's and husbands Top Gear DVD's there's little left for me to enjoy! Help me!

  23. I haven't seen or read either, its almost like when I was a kid and missed out on ET... I'm Hungry for a great movie!

  24. As finally the big screen has finally done justice to the written word... A class movie which leaves me hungering for the 2nd course!


  25. I just desperately want a copy! I wish I had a more utopian, seditious, futuristic, Appalachian, distopian answer but I don't. I just love the Hunger Games

  26. Aww I feel like all the fun things have already been said :P Oh well, you can't win if you don't give it a try!

    Like you, I adored seeing my imagination come alive onscreen, I've been disappointed so many times (Stephen King anyone?) by major differences in how I pictured a book and how the movie turned out. I don't expect the story to be identical, obviously changes to have to be made for it to work in a movie format, but it makes me sad when they ignore the overall 'feel' of a book and just Hollywood Sexify it instead.

    So happy that didn't happen here! Although Lenny Kravitz is looking a bit sexified, he's probably the only man in Hollywood who could pull off gold eyeshadow and still look manly!

  27. It's a great movie and it makes you think what would the world be like if these kind of things really did exist. I would not like to live in a world where such things are done to adolescents, even if they are the moodiest, most unreasonable living things on the planet.

  28. There once was a girl from the Lake,
    Who's own entertainment she must make.
    There's no TV reception,
    That's not a deception!
    Can she please win for her sanity's sake??!!

    It's all true! I've recently moved and live between a school and crops of cabbage and spring onions. TV reception is hard to come by, even with an aerial booster. I'd love to win a copy of this, as I've watched my DVD collection many times over in the last couple of months since moving!!

  29. This movie has such interesting characters, great storyline and is really different. I would really love our family to have a copy of Hunger Games so watch and enjoy on a cold, wet winter evening.

  30. I absolutely loved the books and couldn't put them down. We watched the movie last night and I was mesmerized; I need to see it again, but boatman wasn't that enthusiastic, so I know if I bought it he wouldn't understand. If I win a copy though, thats Completley different!

  31. I am the only person on this planet who has not seen or red the Hunger Games.

  32. Love love love it, what can i say this would be the ultimate

  33. After many dark days, the Hunger Games came,
    the Districts' rebellion is what you can blame.
    From the ruins of the US, Panem came alive,
    in a country where families had to struggle to survive
    There's a lot of spine-chilling action,
    and it will all be to my satisfaction!

  34. So I can get tips from Gamemaker, Seneca Crane, on how to secretly style my husband's beard while he is asleep. (Well, he would never allow me to do it while he is awake!)

  35. I know the Eating Game inside and outits cozy, enjoyable, delicious,
    A little Hunger Game wont hurt me!

  36. Im Hungry and Im game!!!
    This must be my life story.
    Bloody Diet!!

  37. My son loved this movie and also the book. I'd love to give it to him for his birthday present :-)

  38. Katniss is a strong and powerful character, but she has to grow to know it and the transformation, like any good make-over lets her be stronger than she thought she could be, to be the player, a survivor, a winner...

  39. Watching the Hunger Games might help me endure the difficulty of the 40 Hour Famine!

    1. Katniss with her drive,
      Her clever skills to survive.
      Might pick something up watching again,
      All that worry they had - I'd go insane.

  40. On the weekend my hubby thought he'd do a lovely thing and rent this movie so we could have a family "movie and pizza night". Pizza ordered he went to the video shop, where of course they were all out. The poor guy feels like he let us down, so it would be a great way to surprise him (properly! lol)

    1. It would be nice to surprise him - but make sure you come back and note your email address :)

  41. I borrowed the books and read all 3 in two days-i couldnt put them down.I havent gotten around to watching the dvd-i am usually disappointed with the differences between book and film but your review has raised my interest-love to watch it!!

  42. Showing him the movie seems easier than coercing my bibliophobic husband to read the books. On our honeymoon I read the final Harry Potter book while he read a car magazine. Guess who finished first?!

  43. I'll be honest , I am Hungry to see what the Hunger Games is about. I haven't read the books or seen the film.

  44. Vicki F ( 21, 2012 at 1:34 PM

    "Mum I'm hungry" is a statement I hear constantly! Finally a Hunger that doesn't involve the game of me cooking and preparing food. This one will provide this busy mum with peace, enjoyment and relaxation!