Monday, August 20, 2012

5 Tips to make sure you are happy with your hair when you leave the salon

Every girl must have a great hairdresser that you can trust and that listens to you. A hairdresser that is honest with you about what you can achieve with the hair you have been cursed blessed with.
I luckier now with my current hairdresser but over the years I have had some hair shockers. I still have nightmares about my undercut, the wedge and the Mrs Brady layered do. I think the majority of my hair shockers were caused by a combination of:
  • My stupid inspiration choices
  • Hairdressers lack of skill
  • Our bad communication
  • Hairdresser cockiness. I am so great, me, me, me, snip snip snip and "oh...a masterpiece"
  • My unrealistic expectations
Here are five tips to ensure you are happier when you leave the salon:
  1. Bring in photos of your inspiration and try to include a back of head photos (this is always a little harder but very helpful). If you can't find a photo, then take a photo of someone you see when you are out and about. I find that people are usually happy for you to take a snap and are flattered you like their hair so much.
  2. Be honest with yourself about how much time and money you are going to put into maintaining your cut and colour. Blonde can look amazing but are you really going to do your re-growth every 4 weeks? I am poor and lazy, therefore I need a low maintenance do.
  3. Ask your hairdresser if this would work with your hair and lifestyle.
  4. Keep in mind how much time you have in the morning to achieve your new do.
  5. Make you you have the right products for your hair. If you have the right products you will be able to maintain the cut and colour for longer between cuts.
I have always felt I was boring and stuck in a rut with my hair. Then I looked over the last year. I wonder what I should do next?
What is the worst hair do you have had?

It's no secret that I love my hairdresser. I have been seeing her for a few years, before I started blogging and before they were sponsors and advertisers on Redcliffe Style. My high opinion of them hasn't been bought but has been careful nurtured.
4 Duffield Road, Margate
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  1. Kisses and cuddles xx

  2. worst hair do? spiral perm. on hip-length hair. then thinking I was cool by spinning it up into a top-of-the-head-scrunchy-held-bun. then I chopped it all off to shoulder length. I have photographic proof.

  3. For year 10 work experience I took my bum length straight hair to a haridressing salon, for fun. At the end of the week they gave me a haircut to say thanks, and I cried all the way home with my now curly hair that wasn't even touching my collar. Vey sad.

  4. I've had some shockers Rachel. Often when trying a new hairdresser or (as you say) when the hairdresser gets carried away and keeps snipping. I used to see someone who had my hair looking great but then would do a few more snips and it would look horrific.

    I had a spiral perm in the late 80s and early 90s and kinda miss those days. I've had a few horror colours since then, the most recent at the beginning of last year when a new hairdresser stuffed up my colour big time and then I had to get lots of bleaching to try to strip it back and my head developed sores all over it because of the pain of the constant bleaches. The staff were freaked and I was in tears. Horrible!!!

    Needless to say I went back to my usual and more expensive hairdresser after that!


  5. For the past 8 years I have had one hairdresser, apart from a brief hiatus when I saw a guy who cut hair in his garage and turned my hair purple for $85... I quickly went back to my faithful hairdresser.... She knows my hair, she knows what I can handle and is great value. My hair must look okay because now both my sisters go to her too!!

    Oh, and as for shocking hair styles... When I was 15 I was a model for a Redkin product thingy at a TAFE ... They died my hair 'Papaya' and permed just the crown of my head... My mother cried and cried... I went into TAFE with virginal shoulder length hair and came out with... oh.. I don't even know how to explain it!!!

    1. I was a model for Schwarzkopf in the eighties - I can feel your pain. Rachel x

  6. I'm so lucky. My best friend is my hairdresser and has been for over 25 years! So, since I was roughly 17, I haven't had a single bad cut, although one colour did leave a lot to be desired. Not exactly her fault though, as she was trying out a product she hadn't used before.
    Before the age of 17 though....
    Ugh! I can't even bring myself to talk about it! :)

    1. You are lucky to have such a handy friend, and for so long :) Rachel x

  7. Thanks for the tips. Although I could've done with them last Friday when I got a fringe cut into my hair. Miss 15 asked me this afternoon what was happening with my hair as I looked like I was a throw back to the 80's!! Guess whose hair is being pinned back for the next 6 weeks or so?! ;)

    1. I continually make the fringe mistake. I know it's not for me, but every few years I want to give it a whirl. Rx

  8. I had my shoulder blade length hair cut off in a very short pixie and dyed fire engine red when I was 18 for a hair show. TERRIBLE!

    When I was pregnant, my hair got thicker. This is not good when you have already thick hair. (I know your hair doesn't really get thicker, it's just that your hair doesn't fall out as much as it does usually, and instead waits until you are post partum and miserable and then think you're balding!).

    I went to my hairdressers for a trim and to get my hair thinned out a bit. It was very important to me that I gave birth with a pony tail. I don't know why either. Seemed like a good idea at the time.

    My hairdresser was double booked so I saw their new senior hairstylist, who instead of thinning my hair out, gave me very short layers all over the top of my head, leaving the back layers longer. Yes, you're right. A MULLET. At 6 months (but looking 8 months) pregnant. With oedema and a swollen face. The only solution was to chop the back shorter and grow out the top layers. NOT GOOD!

    You, my dear, look fab with your new do! x

    1. You actually made me spit my drink. Gorgeous you with a mullet. That was cruel timing. Rachel x

  9. I did a post about hair yesterday, some over and have a read, I need some tips! You're hair looks great in your picture (dark brown, is it an asymmetrical bob?).

    Toughest thing for us? Three years in Sydney, 6 months on the Gold Coast, 3 different hairdressers in the UK until I finally found a great one just one month before we left.. Urgggh. Terrified of getting a hair cut here in the US, we are living in a bit of a daggy area, so I am just far to scared!

    1. I don't know how to describe my current do. It's short with longer layers but with a longer fringe - or bangs as you now have to call them :) Rachel