Wednesday, February 6, 2013

5 Things that made me giggle this week....

1. This YouTube clip.

2. Daryl Dixon. My girlfriends and I are a little obsessed with Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead.  Here's my favourite photo of the mo.
Image source
3. Funny epithets. I recently heard someone refer to themselves as a "Bulldog in lipstick". So when I stumbled upon this picture, it made me giggle.  It looks more attractive than I thought it would!

Image credit
4. My girls. Seriously funny little people.

5. You! Definitely your comments make me giggle the most. Honestly, I have the best commenters. My husband has to listen to me read them out to him through stifled giggles. So don't stop: you rock!

What made you giggle this week?

I am joining up for Wordless Wednesday with My Little Drummer Boys


  1. Oh that dog is truly horrific - poor pooch! Em

  2. The poor poochy, I hope he does the right thing and takes his make up off before bed. We don't want panda eyes ruining that beautiful face now would we?

  3. Gorgeous girls. That dog is a bit much though!

  4. That youtube clip is freaking hilarious!!!!!!!

    #wordlesswednesday visitor :)

  5. I have never heard of Daryl Dixon...but am now googling him!


  6. I was crying laughing at that video this morning, and I am watching it again now. I've also forced my daughter and husband to watch it, so thank you SO much for the laugh today!
    I think Lola would like a makeover as well.

  7. That poor bulldog! It looks like my Great Aunt Esme!

  8. Very cute cherubs - mine make me laugh too.
    MY commenters uplift me many times over.
    Aww poor Bulldog ...wonder if they showed her the mirror.

  9. Haha, that bulldog's going to give me nightmares!

  10. You made me giggle with this dog picture!

  11. Gorgeous giggly girls, Rachel. But I'm sorry about the tragic dog!! xx

  12. Those videos make me cry with laughter. Especially the one where the dog talks. Your girls are gorgeous!

    What made me laugh today- my girl. Her eyes are at Daddy's tum level. He had no shirt on and she was focused on it. Then she just side head butted it cause it looked like fun.