Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sunday Morning

Sunday morning usually starts with my husband walking around the house singing and attempting to motivate everyone to get up, get dressed and get to bootcamp. Don't get me wrong, I love bootcamp, I love my husband's happy songs but I also like to wake up slowly and drink two cups of coffee.

6.30am One cup of coffee later, we were down the beach with the Dimitri from Trainers by the Bay to kick each others arse. Bootcamp brings out my inner tomboy and competitiveness. I would hate me. Dimitri was kind enough to pose for some photos. 
What I love about bootcamp is that it combines my three loves. Family, nature and exercise. If only there were a way to include food and wine then it would be perfect.
8.30am Showered, dressed and sitting in Church. I decided to pack away the tomboy and be girly. I broke out my pretty, Italian brushed gold necklace and earrings. My husband picked these up in Germany. I love the delicateness of them.
Like teenagers, we both giggled when we saw the word Jesus because it reminded us of this photo we saw earlier in the week.
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10.30am At home eating warm hot cross buns with oozing melting butter.

12.30pm Blogging with children breathing in my ear whispering about grumbling tummies.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday


  1. Gosh you are motivated. We fall out of bed about 10am. It's nice you do things together. I would like to do more like that too oxox

  2. That's great that your kids do it with you! Hubby and I are both going to PT now (me with a group of girls him with a group of guys). Would be nice to do it together! Unfortunately I'm at work, which doesn't thrill me in the least, but it's the payoff for being able to drop N off at school 3 mornings and pick him up 4 afternoons.

  3. I am on board with the eating hot cross buns part.

  4. Ooo love the gold earrings and necklace. Don't know how you do boot camp on a Sunday morning - we are flat out getting up at 7.45 to be at church for 9!

    PS mentioned you on my blog today - go check it out ;-)

  5. When I was a kid we used to go to aerobics on Sunday mornings as a family and all loved it. Family boot camp looks fab - I'll be well up for that when my girls are a bit older x