Monday, December 17, 2012

Swearing Loop holes

A few weeks ago I made a joke that my dog was half donkey and half dog so I could call her my 'ass n' bitch'. Not a funny or appropriate joke but my audience (the girls) really enjoyed it. I also mentioned that 'ass' isn't swearing when you are referring to the donkey like animal and 'bitch' is the correct name for a female dog.
What an ass!
Fast forward to now...

Occasionally the girls will say things like:

'Can we take the ass n' bitch to the beach?'
'Have you fed the ass n' bitch?'

I feel partly responsible for this.

Do you sometimes make throw away remarks that come back to haunt you?


  1. It's my driving language I need to curtail - trundling along in traffic my daughter saw something she deemed to be bad car manners and promptly announced "what a douche!"

    Little copy cat. My bad.

    1. Same here - G has been known to mutter 'what a knob' while we're in the car.

  2. We still refer to the outfit my mum wore to my wedding as "the F-ing Armani" because just days before we were wed my dear mother cried out, "Oh shit, I forgot to pick up the F-ing Armani from the drycleaner!"

  3. Oh yes I hear ya ...

    Apparently when I'm driving I call everybody that annoys me a "potatohead". It could be worse!

  4. Just partly responsible! Teehee, love it.

    I don't really swear so got the fright of my life when it sounded like my daughter was saying "F*ck it, f*ck it" over and over the other day. Turns out she was saying (not very well) "Fat carrot, fat carrot", having just read the book Belinda.

  5. My 2.5 year old has started saying damn and damn it. Entirely my fault I'm afraid. But could be a lot worse I guess :)