Sunday, December 23, 2012

Weird Search Engine requests - Part 2

I love checking my traffic sources and finding out what people have been searching to land on my blog.

Some of them are expected:
Bad eyebrows (I'm eyebrow obsessed)
Ruby Rose hair (My girl crush)
Creamy blonde highlights
Gym motivation (Mine's lost, I need to read these articles again)

Some are a surprise:
Kate Hudson's tummy (I don't think I have ever mentioned her before this)
Beetroot polenta (sounds good)
The Walking dead lego (I know I wrote about it, but I never thought anyone would actually look for it)

Some are WT....?
Ugly Ass hobo (It's bad enough that they are a hobo but they are ass ugly too, that just makes me sad)
very much dry sex at party (I wasn't at that party)
porn sex warez crack serial f&^% (some seriously messed up person)
Gym nudity (interesting workout)

I wrote about some funny ones I found earlier in the year too. Nude blue man still cracks me up.

I'd love to hear what weird ones have you found?


  1. My search terms are almost as much fun as my blog. Just this week I've had
    -forced chastity belt
    -cloned high teacher Mr Sheepman
    - Last Christmas I gave you my heart but the very next day you said you were gay.
    - Michael Fassbender well endowed (my personal favorite)
    Hope you are having a lovely weekend.

    1. They are fantastic!! I love the chastity belt one. Fassie is a favourite of mine too :)

  2. well now I am sad, as there are no whack search terms that have lead to my blog! poo!!"argo fuck yourself"is on there but that's because I reviewed the movie Argo. my top 20 all have to do with the dreamworld tigers b/c I put pictures of them up!

    1. Someone didn't like the movie :) I love those tigers. Rachel x

  3. ooh ooh! got one! "wet her pants" WTF. that's as weird as they get. on a more scary level, someone searched my MIL's name and came across my blog, and my first inital and last name. WHY?!