Thursday, June 6, 2013

At Last....

Last night we went to opening night of At Last: The Etta James Story starring the amazing Vika Bull. I was already an Etta James fan but now I'm a die hard Vika Bull fan. Her voice left me speechless. I only wish it left the drunks behind me speechless too. But no, they sang along to every note and warble.

This is a narrative concert. So you learn about Etta's troubled life in between hearing her hits. I loved hearing these little snippets. Once when she was asked to describe her singing style she responded that singing allowed her to vent 'All this bitch shit inside of me'. I think that's my blog style too.
Not only was Vika awesome, her musicians were excellent too. I loved watching them and found myself getting distracted by watching them working together. I loved seeing them looking and watch for each others subtle cues.

Usually, I'm like an emotional rock but my eyes did fill with tears when Vika sang 'At Last'.

Afterwards, we joined the star, musicians and crew for drinks.

The star
The freaking awesome Vika Bull
The Musical director - Piano and Keyboards
John McAll
Chillaxing with the guitar dudes
Chris Bekker - Bass &  Dion Hirini - Guitar
What I wore: Brown, a lot of brown with a faux fur shrug from Myer. A sexy pair of overpriced booties that I'm not even close to reaching acceptable cost-per-wear. A tan, handmade, envelope clutch from Som & Tooby (I added my own dingle dangle). Warm & Fozzy OPI nails, Maybelline Plum Perfect lipstick
This was an excellent way to spend an evening.

It's not too late. This show runs until 9 June. You can find details here


  1. I saw you there last night but didn't recognise you - wasn't it BRILLIANT??? I want to go again :)

  2. Linda Bull is fantastic. Glad you had a great time!