Saturday, June 1, 2013

Selfies: 10 Tips to save you from losing friends or followers

We live a world now that everything is captured by camera and posted on several social medias within seconds and I love it!! But here are a few tips to ensure you don't lose all your RL friends or followers.

1. If you look awesome but your friend looks terrible you can't use the photo. If you look that great and you have to use it, then consider cropping them out or using the focal point to blur the crap out of them.
2. Never post photos of someone eating or talking with food in their mouth

3. You took a blurry photo. Delete! Why do people share blurry photos?
4. Weird proportions. You know when someone is too close to the camera and they appear massive. (Warning: differences may have been exaggerated a little in these images)
5. If you are stuck in a posing rut. You notice you are pulling the same pose and expression in EVERY SINGLE PHOTO. Delete!
6. Thinking of taking a photo of your injury and sharing it with everything. Please don't. I don't even like hearing about injuries let alone seeing it close up and filtered for effect.

7. Taking 20 photos at the same occasion, with the same people, doing the same thing. One or two great photos will suffice.

8. Overload the picture with hashtags. If the hashtag list is bigger than the photo, rethink a few of them.

9. Avoid the thumb.
10. Overusing fancy photo apps, frames and filters.

What are your selfie tips?


  1. Woops! Sorry about that photo of you eating the oyster. Great tips!

  2. Excellent tips, especially the hash tag one, I have a friend is notorious for it!

  3. The hashtag one! And the thing is if they want to hashtag for showing up in searches, you can still add it in a comment on the photo ... that way you're not putting people off when they're scrolling through instagram.

  4. My face feels particularly chubby at the moment so I tend to do the partial face selfie... so I don't expose my whole fat face to viewers!

    And yes, the hashtag thing drives me insane!

  5. My thumb seems to get in the way - it just LOVES the camera!

  6. Great tips! The hashtag this is one of my pet hates. One of my friends uses up to 25 tags on every photo... and some of them are attracting foot fetishists and other undesirables! Ha. Unfollow.
    Can I just say also the selfie of you in front of the loo cracks me up :)

  7. haha yup - bookmarked - all VERY GOOD TIPS to be aware of - I've seen them all :)

  8. Totally agree - particularly the same pose one - sometimes my Instagram feed just seems to be full of clones :) great tips, but I am sure that I am guilty of all of them :)

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  10. LOL I love this post Rachel!! I totally need a new pose, I over smile lol ;)

  11. So over the 'duck face' selfie in a bathroom, and the obvious cleavage shot. Come on women do you really need to put your boobs all over the web?

  12. Very funny, I am so guilty of number five.