Thursday, June 13, 2013

What I wore: Meeting with clients

Today I am off to meet with clients. To be honest, I love dressing up in 'work' clothes. It makes me feel important and serious. I worked in law firms for 14 years, so I dressed 'worky' a lot but now it's such a novelty and so much more fun.

So my work costume today is full of excellent bargain buys. This is a Witchery Military jacket bought on sale about 2 years ago. It was marked down and marked down and marked down again. In the end, I think I handed over about $40. The Review dress was picked up in the Myer sales a year ago. I think it came down to about $50. My laaaady-like pearls where gifts from my hubby, voodoo tights and Zu booties. Orange nails for colour (OPI A Roll in the hague) and red lippy because I love a little clashing.

I'm all business.


  1. I do like the jacket. I use to also like getting the work clobber on.

  2. Ooh, I have Review's skirt in the same fabric/style and LOVE it. I definitely bought it on sale (hard to buy Review any other way with no money!) but I doubt I got it down to $50. Great score!