Sunday, June 10, 2012

I love Apple...

Remember my post about low self esteem and how to perk yourself up? I am sure you do, but if you need refreshing you can read it again here.

Well, to amuse myself I had a stake out the Apple Store at Chermside and was there for their 10am Sunday opening today. They really do perk me up. 
I love this place. My new iPad had a home button that wasn't very responsive, within 10 minutes I walked out with a shiny new iPad. They never make you feel guilty or silly.


  1. When our local Apple shop had its grand opening last year, there was singing, clapping, chanting. I swear, it was like going to the soccer, or a cheerleading comp. I felt a strange mix of motivation and intimidation...!

    1. I would love to have gone to an opening. They really put on a show. I like to be prepared for the noise and I was today :) Rxx

  2. I didn't know they opened like this. Looks like fun !!!