Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Mon Komo

Last week I received a call asking if I would like to check out the new menu at Mon Komo. Being the greedy girl that I am, I said 'yes', started drooling, then phoned the second greediest girl I knew and invited her to join me. To protect her, I won't mention her name.

The first thing you notice about Mon Komo is the gorgeous setting. It's on the gorgeous Redcliffe Waterfront. The restaurant is beautifully furnished, light and airy. You feel like you could be holidaying on an exotic island.
My sister Kerrin (yeah, I lied and outed her) and I took our seats, ordered a glass of NZ Sauvignon Blanc each and started analysing the menu. I gave her orders:
1. You have to order something different to me
2. You have to let me try yours
3. Use your cutlery and
4. DO NOT EAT before I take photos. This was harder than it sounds

We decided to share the Turkish bread and grissini with hommus, eggplant kasundi, tussah and balsamic oil. Lucky the Grissini (bread sticks) were there because we could use them as swords to fight over the Eggplant Kasundi. This was amazing.
I ordered the Sweet pea risotto with Swiss shard, oyster mushroom, sweet potato, goats feta, lemon aioli. This was generous and well presented. I was happy that they catered for vegetarians. I personally don't like mushrooms but I am trying hard to train myself. I tried a few, pushed them aside and devoured the remaining dish.
Kerrin ordered Ricotta and prosciutto stuffed chicken breast with baked semi dried tomato polenta and beetroot oil. This looked amazing. I couldn't help myself and kept stealing bites of her polenta, roast beetroot and sauce. This was probably my highlight.
Our awesome waiter, Ronald from the Netherlands, suggested we might like to look at the dessert menu. He could see we were weak, dazed from food and had passed the point of no return.
We split a Kahlua tiramisu with chocolate shards and coffee gelato. This was a great ending.

Then it was time to roll out of the restaurant and pick up the children from school. Back to reality.

I did not receive payment for this post. It appears that I can be bought with food but my opinions are honest and my own

Mon Komo Restaurant 
99 Marine Parade, Redcliffe
3284 6520


  1. Yum, it all looks delicious!

    I love risotto and anything wrapped in prosciutto... I think I'd have trouble ordering just one main! x

    1. Yes, there were a few other things I wan't to order too. Next time. Rx

  2. Oh that looks so yum! I think I may have found a new place to visit on date night!


    P.S the new look blog is awesome!

    1. It would be great for a date night.

      Glad you like the new look. Rx

  3. Yummo- I would have gone straight to dessert! Looks like a great place to eat...damn shame I live in Perth.

  4. That chicken breast looks AMAZING. And now I'm ravenous!

  5. Wow, looks great. Now we have a new place to come and try when we want to do a girls lunch at Redcliffe - I promise I will try and remember this place but don't be surprised if you get an email asking "what was the name of that place". Your last recommendation was spot on! Thanks for sharing.

  6. I thought you weren't going to name the greedy person;) poor Kerrin
    Love T x

    1. Haha, she was always going to get outed. You would have been outed too :)