Friday, September 21, 2012

Sites that completely crack me up...

If I need a good laugh, some escapism or a WT..? moment, these are some of my go to sites:

Heavy Browsing
Alison and Diyva search the internet for questionable items of clothing. Not only do they find really unattractive pieces but their comments crack me up

Dog Shaming
Dogs embarrass their owners all the time and now it's time for the owners to get them back. The dogs even look embarrassed in the photos

Me Wanty
For the man that's difficult to buy for. I would like to order everything and hide them in my present cupboard. Just pick one and hand it out to any birthday boy

Damn you autocorrect
Apple must have a sense of humour. The auto corrects are so funny and inappropriate

Text from dog
I have always wanted to know what my dog is thinking. Now I know

Do you have any secret sites you escape to?


  1. These are a couple of mine Rachel:

    I'm off to check out some of yours.

    Anne xx

  2. I haven't heard of any of these. Something to check out while I'm recovering over the next few days!

  3. DYAC is where I head if I need a laugh, and I also love one of their sister sites 'Parents shouldn't text' because it so reminds me of the texts I get from my mum!

    I also love a bit of Drunk Kitchen on YouTube.

    What did we do to cheer up before the internet?!

  4. I'm with Anne, love all the ones she has listed. And OMG! Thank you, thank you, thank you for introducing me to Me Wanty. Well, I'm saying thank you now, I might feel differently a couple of hundred bucks later! I can already see two things I might just *have* to get...the R2D2 toddler dress and the golf club drink dispenser, Dave would love that!

  5. Oh, that dog shaming one is a crack up! Thanks for sharing these. I'm always going to the conventional sites, now I have some escapism (with laughs) too!

  6. haha love it!!!

    popping over from FYBF :)

  7. Dog Shaming is a classic. Thanks for pointing out Me Wanty though. I'm 100% sure I can sort the husband's Xmas present with this site. Gold!

  8. I absolutely LOVE Text From Dog!!! When I first found them I spent ages trying to read them out loud to my husband but could never get them out without laughing that hard I couldn't talk!! Can't wait for his book to come out!!

    Popping in to visit from FYBF!