Thursday, November 1, 2012


Last Sunday, after the torturous bootcamp, I decided to take my girls to the cinema. I wasn't feeling great and the weather was horrible. What else are you going to do? The only movie we hadn't seen was Frankenweenie by Tim Burton. If I was 'on-the-ball' alarm bells would have been ringing.

Just in case that wasn't bad enough, we decided to go the 3D option.
I was selfishly focused on the frozen coke, the dim lights and silence.

1 hour 27 minutes later, I exited the cinema with two red faced, wide eyed girls. I was questioning my judgement a little.

They literally spend the last hour howling "Sparkiiiiiiieeeeeee"

They both said it wouldn't have been nearly as scary or sad if it was in colour. Yup, it was all scary and black and white.

I have spent a bit of time mulling this movie over. Wondering who the target market is. The only answer is TIM BURTON fans.  Don't get me wrong, I like Tim Burton, but without the visual of Johnny Depp, it's just a freaky movie.

The girls have spent the last four days cuddling the dog and training her not to chase balls.

Are there any movies you have taken littlies to that made you question your judgement? Please say yes.


  1. One weekend I curled up to watch Lord of the Flies with my little sister. She was 9. Hey, it's a classic movie!
    At the end she was rather pale and quiet...whoops.

  2. Oh yeah! Has happened all the time with both of mine. Don't laugh but we had to leave Toy Story 3 early. I WAS SCARED! LOL When my daughter was 3 she thought she was Snow White, she loved the story so much. I had to fast forward the 'Hunter' scene every time it made her so scared. She is now 8 and went to Transylvanian Hotel (if that's what its called) without a problem. Seems she likes that sort of stuff now. And my 6 year old son is scared of the Frankenstein in the Subway Surfer game in the iPod. I think they take after me. I'm a bit of a scaredy cat. (I would've been disappointed Johnny Depp wasn't in the movie too.) xx

    1. You had to leave Toy Story 3? It was a little darker than the first two :)

  3. Sometimes "kids" movies can be scary - even for me, as a 28 year old! I think I'm still scarred from watching Snow White as a youngster...

  4. The first time I was in charge of babysitting for my sister and couple of younger cousins (I might have been 14 or so) we watched this movie which I can't for the life of me remember what it was. I think we had all seen it before but we were home alone and there was some kind of scene in where someone broke into the house with people in it. Needless to say, we turned on every single light in the house and turned up the TV really loud after that. Not a good move.

  5. Okay my almost four year old found one of those free postcards in a cafe with Frankenweenie on it and is obsessed with the idea of seeing it this weekend. He loved Madagascar and Ice Age but I'm thinking "Tim Burton" without Depp is going to be a massive fail all around. Thanks for the heads up!