Monday, November 12, 2012

My busted belt and Monday's motivating playlist

I really hope my playlist motivates me this week. I need all the help I can get. I have completely lost my exercise mojo. I am blaming it on a combination of a few things:

1. My treadmill busted its belt. The same will happen to me if my tready isn't fixed quickly
2. It also started making a loud thumping sound
3. I am also low in iron. I have started taking supplements but they haven't kicked in. The curse of a vegetarian that is a little slack cooking decent vegetarian dishes. I will be spending a lot of time stalking Veggie Mama's blog this week finding lots of excellent and easy recipes.
4. It's ridiculously windy and has been for a few days. This stops me from running or riding (or even walking) outside.

In the meantime, I am going to go follow my own suggestion and do a lounge room workout.
Here is my playlist for the week:

Give me love/Ed Sheeran - A slow start (Please ignore the fact that he may be hooking up with Taylor Swift)
My Signature Move/P!nk (because you always need P!nk to motivate you to move)
Locked out of Heaven/Bruno Mars
Spiderwebs/No Doubt - classic old No Doubt
Don't Stop the Party/Pitiful
This is Love/ - He is the coolest guy ON THE PLANET.
Wake up call/Maroon 5 - For my Adam Levine fix.
Just a Girl/No Doubt - Can you tell that I rediscovered this album again on the weekend.
Just like Jessie James/Cher - Don't judge me.

PS: I look forward to telling you next week that I perked myself up and ended up finding my mojo and having an excellent workout week.


  1. Think my mojo might have run away with yours! Aside from my 2 PT sessions a week, I'm having a really hard time getting motivated to do anything else. I'm using the excuse that I'm pushing myself so hard at PT that I'm too shattered to do anything else.

  2. Monday mornings are the worst for me! I always say to myself on Sunday that I'll hit the gym first thing Monday morning, but I never seem to make it. It may or may not have something to do with Sunday afternoon Happy Hour...!

  3. I love No Doubt, Just a Girl in particular. Excellent motivating music! Thankfully it's less windy today.

  4. Looks like someone has been wearing stiletto's on the treadmill again?
    Loving the old school No Doubt, awesome!
    Hubby finally hooked my bike up to one of those indoor stands so you can ride it on the spot, but I'm still struggling for motivation. I suggested he also fix a shelf for my laptop to the bike and then I'll be sweeeeeeet ;-) xx

  5. Haha I'll judge you more for the Maroon 5 than the Cher ;)

    And the wind this weekend was crazy. I just stayed inside and made myself a nest of laptop, tv and cheese. It was pretty awesome.

  6. My mojo is up the creek without a paddle, damn it to heck. I need a new playlist.

  7. I am digging your playlist's and hang out for the update!!
    I hear you on the mojo front. I had someminor surgery this week and have had to rest for a few weeks prior.... now I can't find my mojo to start again because I feel like I have gone two steps forward three back :(

  8. I can loop 'just a girl' over and over.