Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Magic Mike and a DVD giveaway

I am not interested in strippers of any kind. I have had many opportunities to appreciate their work but have always managed to avoid them. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate attractive males and envy gorgeous females but I don't find dry humping, nude strangers attractive.
I still chose to review Magic Mike. I guess I was swayed by the never-ending, breathless comments I had been hearing. Plus, it would be in the privacy of my own home and I could blame it on doing it for work. What I didn't except that my Mother-in-law would visit at the same time and we would watch it together. #awkward

If you don't already know the story, a male stripper called 'Magic Mike' (Channing Tatum) introduces a younger male, newly renamed 'The Kid' (Alex Pettyfer), to the world of stripping. That world is also inhabited by people called Dallas (Matthew McConoughey), Tarzan and Big D***k Ritchie.

There is also the requisite love interest.

The good bits
  • The bodies are good and they can move. Channing Tatum is a skilful dancer
  • I always enjoy Matthew McConaughey (I just never expected to see him bending over in front of a camera while wearing a tasseled g-string
  • I always enjoy looking at Joe Manganiello. He will alway be Alcide to me (that's a True Blood reference)
  • I found Tarzan surprising sexy. He was hiding in the back a lot and he couldn't dance at all
The bad bits
  • There is a lot of swearing. I found it really unnecessary and distracting. Take out 90% of it and it would have been better. I must be a real prude
  • There was a lot of floor humping. Am I the only person that doesn't find that sexy?
Over all, I enjoyed the movie and I know many, many other women will appreciate it too.

My Mother-in-law thought it was soft porn but managed to sit through it all.

GIVE AWAY  - This has now closed and the winners have been notified by email.
Roadshow Entertainment have given me 5 copies of Magic Mike to give away! If you would like to own this movie, all you have to do is:
  1. Leave a comment either here or on facebook telling me why you would like to win a copy of this DVD.
  2. Enter prior to 6am on 27 November 2012.
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Magic Mike is available to rent & own on DVD, Blu-ray and digital download from 26 November 2012

I have not received payment to review or host a giveaway. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Oooooh yes please yes please! I bashed down the doors of the cinema only to be told that Channing Tatum had gone to DVD, and haven't yet had the chance to track him down. I need to see Magic Mike!
    I love your review - I'm not so much into dry humping either (particularly in the presence of my MIL) but may make exceptions for CT.

  2. I'd like to win a copy for my friend Rachel who will be getting married on 1 December. She didn't even get to see strippers at her hen's night, so with her impending marriage, watching strippers on DVD (aka 'Magic Mike') might be her only chance. And having not seen this flick at the movies, perhaps she might let me watch too ....

  3. I think it's worth a viewing just for the comedy aspects! Sounds hilarious.

    I swear like a trooper (in certain company) but I don't wish to hear it non stop in a movie - is that morally wrong of me?! Distracts from the script, I think.

    I watched What to Expect When You're Expecting on a plane and I have to say that Chace Crawford (whom I always confuse with Channing Tatum) and Alcide's guest star appearances were the only reasons to keep watching.

    As for dry humping? Puh lease! How is that attractive? Maybe if they attached a floor mop to their waist so they could clean at the same time. Just maybe.

  4. Yep! I'd love a copy! Mostly because I adore 'Alcide' and would find any excuse to watch him - especially wearing next to nothing. Once, when I was about 6 months pregnant with my 3rd child, I got sucked in to going to watch 'The Sydney Hotshots' (a strip group) with some friends. When we got there we were pointing at who we thought were the 'roadies' back stage, and it turned out they were in fact the Hotshots themselves. Needless to say, I don't get off on watching portly 20 somethings gyrating their way around the stage. I did get some come-uppance though when one of them dragged me up on stage for a lap dance, only to then learn that I was about 6 months pregnant. Pretty sure he'd never rubbed his man-bits up against a pregnant tummy before!!!! He felt awful and it was the high light of my night. I'll take hot guys on a tv any day over the Hot Shots! x Jess x

  5. GIVE ME THE DVD! I haven't been to the movies since January 2011, it's hard when you have 3 under 5. And And if I PAY for a dvd to watch at home, it has to be one hubby and I can enjoy together, money is tight with one income and 3 kids so I don't feel right justifying purchases that will please only me, such as watching Channing Tatum dry hump a floor. And I mean, did you read my Sex post? Because I need some dry-humping-Channing action. Can you not hear my violins Rach? Can you NOT?

  6. I have heard lots of my girlfriends rave about this movie I would love to check it out.... :) Thanks for running such a great competition! x

  7. Hahaha, I can't beleive that you watched in with your mother in law! The things we do for a review! Great review, I like your honesty!
    Team #IBOT

  8. Are you kidding? I want all five copies! Why? Because they'll get, ummm, well ... you know... ummm, ruined with each watch! So I'll need replacements! I'm sure you'd not be giving them away if your Mother-in-law hadn't visited!!!! :)

    PS: watch it again but with the mute button on. Then you don't have to listen to the swearing, and you can have your own choice of music on while you watch those hot sweaty bodies gyrate!!!

  9. Yes yes yes!!! Watch it at home and turn off the lights and imagine its my hen's night all over again. I don't care... I'm a red blooded woman who enjoys looking at the male form. A great night in with the girls I say, a few drinks and if my husbands lucky a great night for him as well!

  10. not entering but wanted to comment - I'm totally with you on the unsexy floor humping - I also don't find penis slinging Sexy-&-I-Know-It style attractive at all. Yick.

  11. You had me at Channing Tatum. Swoon.

    I'm 20 weeks pregnant, feeling blobly and super unsexy, and need my mojo back. I think even my husband would sit through this movie with me if it would get my blood pumping!

    Do NOT suggest reading 50 Shades of Grey. Don't you dare.

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway. Good luck to everyone!

  12. Great review, I would like to win because I am all for a bit of a perve and it sounds like this ticks that box!

  13. I would like to win this DVD because my friends told me how good it was and I didnt get to see it at the theater.

  14. Not entering, as I have my own copy, but just wanted to say I am 'in love' with Matt Bomer - drool!!!!!!!
    (shame he bats for the other team, so a wasted option on my celebrity to five :) )

  15. Somehow I was too busy watching Playschool and Bob the Builder to catch the Magic Mike hype. It sounds like there are some worthy respondents here.... All the best with selecting the winners x

  16. I'm not into dry humping either, but hey, you have me intrigued!

  17. I have friends who changed their profile pics to Alcide (forever Alcide indeed) and Channing Tatum. I prefer Mr McConaughey myself but like you, would like to see what all the fuss is about - preferably without mother in law though!! LOL!!!

  18. I'd LOVE to win a copy so I can invite all my peeps over for crackers, cheese and bubbles while we enjoy the eye candy! I've heard the story line is 'so-so' but WHO CARES! Alcide (yes, he will always be known that for me too) is worth an iffy story line!

  19. thinking this is going to be a popular giveaway. So the movie doesn't have a whole lot of substance but channing tatum and matthew mc in the same movie. Yes please!

  20. I would love to win a copy to have a me day on the couch with an entertaining movie!!!

  21. I'd like to win a copy of Magic Mike because I fell in love with Channing in Step Up & have loved him ever since, and because of that I feel entitled, dammit :D

  22. Why would I like to win? To see those "hunks of burning love" with their shirts off....is there any other reason?

  23. Duhhhhhhhhh.....*drooling! Sorry, Im supposed to be entering the comp and explaining why I'd like to win a copy of magic mike but my mind just can't move on from the point you made about Matthew mcCanaughy bending over in a g-string!!!! Oh hang on....there's my answer....yep, no more explanation needed....I NEED to see Matthew McCanaughy in a g-string STAT!!!!! ;-)

  24. why would I like to win??
    Matthew McConaughey... that is all

  25. I would like to win please - as I like dry humping! (especially if it involves CT) weeell any action is better than no action *shuffles back under rock*

  26. Yes please, would make a great Christmas Present for my daughter.
    Tracey Kruger

  27. Would love to win for my daughter as sh missed it at the theatres as she had a very new baby

  28. I'd love to win this because I think all of my friends have seen this movie, except for me.. It would be fun to have them over and watch it together.
    tanyainjville at yahoo dot com

  29. I would love to win because I am a huge fan of Matt Bomer (Stars in White Collar). He is smart, gorgeous, talented and entertaining to watch play a striper (I think). I have yet to see this movie and would love to see it. If I win it, I dont have to justify it to my husband.

  30. I forgot to add my email... i really hope I win lol... tania.oshea@yahoo.com