Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What I wore: Working it in Wet Weather

It's raining and it's cold and I have a busy day. It includes an early meeting and the hairdressers. I need to wear something that doesn't show up drops of rain, my hair has to be rain and wind proof. You can read my tips on how to work it in wet weather here. 

This is another Desigual dress. Have I told you how much I love this brand. The embroidery is so pretty. The neckline is a bit booby, but what the hay, I'm a girl. I tried to soften the boob-in-your-face look with a few necklaces. I also have a pair of black voodoo tights and an old pair of Wittner booties. These are great for stomping through puddles. A slick of deep, pink lippy and I'm weather proof.
What are your best wet weather tips?


  1. who cares if it's a bit booby - your girls look great ; )

  2. Love it - gorgeous dress.

  3. I always use a trench coat when it rains to keep dry. I do love the embroidery on the dress too.
    Stephanie x

  4. Just gorgeous as usual Rachel! x