Sunday, October 30, 2011

Puppy Paradise

My girls and I took our dog to the Doggy Fun Day at Kroll Park organised by Peninsula Animal Aid. It was fantastic to see all these dogs, unleashed and mingling. These dogs were big enough to put aside their differences and preconceived ideas they may have had of each other to come out in support of a great cause. There was a huge, black, Great Dane playing with a little, Labrador puppy, a Tea-cup Chihuahua prancing beside a bulldog and a perfectly, groomed poodle sitting in the muddy, play pool beside an equally muddy, cattle dog. I even saw a standard Fox Terrier near a Mini-Foxy. They avoided eye contact, but I understand their issues go deep due to the popularity surge in minis over the years. We even "borrowed" a few handfuls of change from my husband secret stash to donate to the awesome cause. (If my husband reads this, of course we are going to replace it!!).

This is a great day out for the family and dogs. We will certainly be going again next year.

Please make sure you visit Peninsula Animal Aid to donate. This is a fantastic cause and they need all the help you can offer.


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