Friday, October 28, 2011

Marvelous Massage in Margate

A friend visited Beautiful You for a massage earlier this week and raved about it. Then, I noticed they had a special on today, 1 hour for $50. It was a sign that it was time to spoil myself with a massage. I like them but don't get them often. This was an exciting treat.

My masseur was the lovely Stephanie and I had the relaxing aromatherapy massage. I'll start with why I really liked Stephanie. She is very sweet looking and isn't remotely intimidating, no overwhelming smells - even good smells can be distracting when you are trying to relax, and after appropriate greetings and small talk, she doesn't chit-chat. Don't get me wrong, I can chit-chat my little heart out, anytime, anywhere, but when I am nude and have a relative stranger rubbing oil over my body, I have enough internal monolog that only babble would come out of my mouth.
The room was beautiful, dim lighting, candle lights, soft music and the perfect temperature. Stephanie left the room so I could strip, dive under the towels and then artfully re-arrange them. I would have been perfectly happy just sleeping in the room for an hour. It was very peaceful.

I find it difficult to relax with massages, I am always tense, holding on to the table, trying to keep my limbs where I think they want them, holding my breathe too long, etc. But Stephanie certainly made me relax and I had the most relaxing, peaceful hour I have had in years. I can not wait to try the warm seashell massage, I will even go for the 80min one and throw in a Hyaluronic facial too. This is definitely something we should all do more often.

Usually, I would try to fit in a run before the school pickup, but today I think I am going to grab my book and sit on the beach. We all deserve to slow down and relax a little sometimes.

Beautiful You
Day Spa
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