Thursday, October 27, 2011

Chilli Jam

I am always on the hunt for the perfect Chilli Jam. A few years ago, there was a fantastic restaurant in Margate called Waterlily. We ate breakfast there every Sunday. We would read the paper and I would order the same thing every time. It won't sound as delicious as it was. Two fried eggs, served on jasmine rice, topped with chilli jam and garnished with vietnamese mint and fried shallots. I still dream about this. Oooh, the soft, not-too-runny eggs, the fragrant rice, the crunchy shallots, the spicy, minty herbs and the hot, sweet chilli jam. Every time I come across a new chilli jam, and can manage to find vietnamese mint, I recreate it. I am always disappointed. Until recently, the chilli jams were all wrong. Too runny, too jelly-like, too chunky, too much onion, etc. Then I discovered a great jam at the Feel Goodz cafe, in Woody Point. Matchett's Chilli Jam. It is perfect!! As soon as I find the mint, I will make this, and try to photograph before devouring it, and you will see how mouthwatering delicious this combination is.

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