Friday, March 29, 2013

Body Language

The Courier Mail recently wrote about using body language in business to get what you want. I couldn't agree more. I use subtle body language every day to get what I want. Are you ready to get what you want? I am prepared to share my body language tips with you!

Icecream. I find an ice cream van and lick my lips, generously. Use direct eye contact. Eventually the ice cream man asks if I would like an ice cream. Yup, that is exactly what I wanted.

Toilet. I wriggle from side to side, sometimes bending my knees a little and put a look of desperation on my face. I guarantee someone will ask if you need a toilet.

Hungry. I hold my stomach, groaning and look longingly at people eating. Sometimes I even mirror their mouth movements while they are eating.

Angry. Don't be subtle. Clench your fists, stamp your feet and huff as loud as you can. Someone will ask if you are angry about something.

Bored. Fall asleep while someone is talking to you. They will understand really quickly that they are boring.

Flat iPhone. On my knees, wailing, tears and holding my iPhone with 2 hands above my head moaning 'Whyyyyyy'. People get the message pretty quickly.

What subtle body language do you use everyday?


  1. I try holding an empty glass and looking parched around five pm most days. My husband gets the message!

    1. HOW DID I FORGET THIS??!! This is the moment important one. Rachel x

  2. I make gagging noises and fall to the floor whenever my 2.5yo asks to watch Peppa Pig.

    1. Hahaha, maybe they think you are acting like a pig and the gagging is a little like snorting?