Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What I Wore: "End of the Rainbow" date night

Last night, we watched End of the Rainbow at the Playhouse in QPAC. I was really looking forward to this musical and had been practising the songs all day. I'm fairly certain I sound exactly like Judy Garland.

Christen O'Leary was amazing as Judy Garland. I am not sure how she could play this character over and over. Her voice was huge but it is such an emotional and troubled role. I am usually like stone but I did have tears filling my eyes when she sang Somewhere over the Rainbow at the end. Anthony Standish was excellent as Mickey Deans, Judy's last husband. The audience tutting as he passed tablets to Judy. Finally, Hayden Spencer was Anthony, the handsome, gay, best friend. Why-oh-why didn't she pick him. Oh, that's right, he is gay.
What I wore: A Desigual dress sent to me from an overseas aunt, Voodoo Maze stockings and ancient, black Zu booties. Ruby nails and lipstick in honour of the Ruby slippers.

Thank you QPAC for the tickets and an awesome night.

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