Saturday, March 2, 2013

How to look good at the Gym

It's not as hard to look good at the gym as it sounds. Most people aren't looking their best in this situation, so you in comparison don't have to do too much to make yourself look good.
1. A little concealer on the pimples and a little lipgloss goes a long way. You don't want a full face of makeup. This ends up making people look obviously insecure and like a sad clown at the end of the workout.

2. Flattering gym clothes. I know this sounds like an oxymoron but keep looking and you will find them. If you look good, you work out harder. I'm certain there would be all kinds of scientific tests that back this theory up.

3. Decent workout shoes. These are a necessity, so make them as fun and colourful as possible. Then people won't notice when your concealer starts to sweat off.
4. Deodorant. This doesn't relate to your appearance but if you smell terrible people won't care how awesome you look.

5. Good sports bra. Another necessity so invest in some good ones. If you are big busted, you can layer a few, use a few different colours to brighten your ensemble.

6. Wearing brands is ok but try not to wear just one brand head to toe. It looks like you are trying too hard to get a sponsorship deal.

7. Buy a sports towel. You are going to use this a lot, so invest in one that is only for your workouts. It's look a lot nicer than a bath towel; and

8.  Check your armpits for hair and crusty deoderant (gross I know, but I have seen this a lot). You'll be flashing your pits to everyone so make them nice.

What are your tips to work it at your workout?


  1. I have just invested in a gym membership, much to my Husbands grunts and mumbles of "you will only go for the first 3 months and then quit" so I this far have not invested much. I have however worked out Lorna Jane give you $5 credit when you bring in any piece of good condition gym wear from any brand even target so this helps towards a decent pair of fitted tights. My other tip is.........never ever wear grey sportswear the sweat patches will always look horrendous. Always. Trust me on that one.

  2. Funny you should mention the last point... I rocked up to the gym this morning for two hrs of power... To find little brown beginner sprouts under my armpits. WTF I only did them last night!!! In the end I worked way too hard to care! I was mortified for a bit though. I do wear a lot of LJ, however nothing with a logo - just find it s flattering, comfy and all round works well for me.

  3. Oh god I'm in big trouble, I'm constantly getting about with hairy armpits. Lucky I smell AWESOME!

  4. I'll add one more. A teeny tiny bit of cheek tint - gives you that nice "flush" instead of a uniform colour (pale) on your face. ;)