Sunday, March 3, 2013

What I wore: Really, rainy date night

The rain is never ending in Brisbane but we can't let it stop us from living life. Last night we went to watch closing night of Breaker Morant at the Mousetrap Theatre. It was raining hard.

This is what I wore on a wet, cold, date night.
A black Hi There by Karen Walker leather jacket. Like water of a duck's back, the rain ran straight off me.
A trusty Bond's white T-shirt. I realise it's a little risky wearing a white top in this weather, but I am a risk taker.
Skinny black Sussan jeans. You can't see the rain splatters as much on black.
Veronella boots. I love that these are studded with gold and silver studs. These were great for stomping through puddles.
Hair braided to make it weather proof.
Shellac 'City Scape' light grey nails.
Red Chanel lipstick 'Exces'. I needed a pop of colour.

If you are look for some tips on what to wear in wet weather, you can check out this post.

How are you holding up in this crazy weather?


  1. I'm going stir-crazy. I wore a white t-shirt out this morning, spared two seconds thought for the fact it might get rained on and thought "oh well!".
    I love your reasoning behind the black jeans - must get me some of those this winter!

  2. Love that braid - I need to work out how to do that!

  3. I missed the worst of it - gorgeous weather in Christchurch at the moment!