Friday, April 5, 2013

5 Common Makeup Hygiene Mistakes

1. Dirty, dirty brushes. You can imagine how full of dirt and bacteria they are. I have trained my youngest from an early age to clean my brushes and she does an excellent job. It might only happen once every few months but that is a lot better than NEVER. You should be washing your brushes every 2 - 4 weeks and if you suffer from acne you should be washing them even more often.

2. Using old makeup. Like Cupcakes, makeup has a life span too.  I dare you to go through your makeup kit and toss out anything that is past its use-by-date. I also toss anything that has changed smell:
3. Sharing. We are taught to share as children but they meant share everything except for makeup. NEVER, EVER share, like EVER.

4. Not washing off makeup or cleaning your face before bed. What??!!  I can't believe people actually do this.

5. Avoid makeup testers. Never use testers on your lips or eyes, EVERI wrote about that here - Would you like some faeces with that? 

" of out ever five make-up testers contain significant amounts of mould, yeast or faecal matter according to an investigation by a US morning TV show. Samples of make up testers from 10 stores were analysed by New York Uni microbiology dept, which found there was no difference in hygiene between testers at high end or budget outlets..."

and Dr Brooks from Jefferson Medical College said

" should just think E. coli equals faeces...the percentage of tainted makeup was 100%.."

AND, resist giving your smelly, bacteria covered, old makeup to your innocent children to play with.


  1. That toss list is great! My makeup would all be at or almost at their use by date... might have to start looking for some new stuff!

  2. Add to the tip: With a permanent marker, write the date when you first opened or first used the makeup/ skin care product. That way it's easier to track which ones should be tossed away.