Thursday, April 18, 2013

What I wore: Girls day in town

Today I am heading into town for a girly day out.  We'll do a spot of shopping and also stop by the Hilton for a media preview of the 2013 Variety of Chefs Ball. Variety is an amazing children's charity and this will be a fantastic night out. Tickets are $250 they are definitely worth it.

What I'm wearing:
A dress from Kitten D'amour. This is currently reduced from $139 to only $59. I love a bargain and it's so cute and so easy to wear. A pair of voodoo tights. It's a chilly Brisbane morning and a pair of Nu shoes. These are lower than I usually wear but I don't want to get sore feet if we decided to go on a shopping marathon.

I cheated with my hair. Bed hair twisted and pinned. My 2 second hair do plus my new gorgeous 'Pink me up' Maybelline lippy.
I'll fill you in with all the ball details shortly.

PS: at the last minute I had a wardrobe issue. Something to do with a naughty puppy x