Saturday, April 27, 2013

When punishment backfires

Once when the girls were being really annoying, I decided to be equally annoying and started speaking in an accent. I settled on a terrible version of a Texan accent. It was terrible because I am terrible at any accent.

We were driving through MacDonald's at the time. To the embarrassment of the girls, I kept the accent up through all the windows and even asked a few unnecessary questions to drag it out. I also smiled with all my teeth and asked for extra ketchup.
image source
Now, the girls insist I use the accent whenever we go through a drive through. Lucky this isn't too often. So much for punishment.

Have you had any punishment that has backfired?


  1. I bet you had the drive thru staff perplexed! I am terrible at accents! One of my boys has an American accent just from hearing his Dad, (American).

    1. My husband has a Canadian accent, but the girls haven't picket it up. My Australian one must be too strong :)

  2. LOL! Just this morning I was saying to my four year old that if she didn't get dressed then she wouldn't be able to go to pre-school. Then I realised what I was saying and just let her wear whatever. Thank god school holidays are over!

  3. lol not recently, but this reminded me of my Miss9 and her accent antics last week. She came home from school saying it was 'talk in an English accent Wednesday' at school. Her poor teacher! Apparently the whole class had been speaking in English accents all day ;)

  4. 'Smile with all your teeth' Lol! Once, in a fit of anger, I banned TV for a week. Didn't think that one through.