Monday, October 1, 2012

How to work a room like you're the business

I always get extremely nervous when I go to an event, party or even a dinner. Here are some tips to help give you a confidence boost:
  1. Put on deodorant. When you are nervous, you sweat more. Body odour will make social situations worse
  2. Wear comfortable undies. I can not stress this enough. Nothing is more distracting than undies bunching up between your butt cheeks
  3. Do a last minute check in the mirror. Check teeth, check the bottom of your shoes (looking for price stickers, toilet paper and dog poo) and check your skirt isn't tucked up. Any of these can have a lifetime affect on your confidence. I know, my school formal outfit included rottweiler poo
  4. Pop a mint or two and add a few back ups mints hidden strategically on your ensemble. I have been know to hide them in the top of my bra but be aware of the high beaming effect
  5. Look people in the eyes and listen but don't stare. People love to talk about themselves to someone that seems interested.  If you find eye contact too hard then pick a spot on their face to focus on. It's best that it's not a mole, pimple or scar. It'll make them self conscious and want to get away from you
  6. Have a buddy but don't stick too close to each other. People will stop seeing you as an individual but as an odd twosome instead. Strive for individual oddness
  7. Don't drink too much. This is tempting and could make you the life of the party. You may be surprised to learn, but this strategy can sometimes backfire
  8. Smile. People can't resist happy people.
Are you nervous in social situations? What's your best tip?


  1. I'm always nervous until the first glass of something (or the second) but try not to over-do it. No one likes a bad drunk! Until then, I fake it til I make it.

  2. I was going to mention to check your lippy or mascara until I saw your pic at the end!

    With number 6 if I'm going with a friend we come up with a signal that means: "HELP! SAVE ME!" If we need to get out of a situation... It may be a certain way we play with our hair etc... Nothing beats the 'Girlfriend Code'!

    Sophie xo

  3. Hahaha. You're a crack up Rach. Mr SY is always having a go at my Nana lipsticked teeth!

  4. It is funny to people watch in these situations. Getting dressed up just makes you feel so damn uncomfortable. OH and the conversations you will listen to just to cling to someone so you dont look like you are on your own!x

  5. aww what a awesome post! I'm glad my husband never feels nervous I pop in every now and then with questions to show I'm still interested. I guess once your over the initial meeting new people thing you can really find great friends for life you just have to try and always be yourself.

  6. Individual oddness! Great tip.

  7. I get nervous too!

    Any tips from me? Ummm....NO! I should memorise yours! I always talk too much!

  8. Yes... the don't drink too much is one I need to remember for future blogging events (ProBlogger perhaps?!).

    I'm really bad with names - like REALLY bad - which is terrible in social situations. I don't naturally use people's names but it causes problems when I want to introduce someone... I suspect I should just fess up!


  9. That's a good post Rach! Loved the ending too.....I am notorious for lippy on the teeth, and whenever Gemma from My Big Nutshell is with me at a function, she will always look out for that.. I like the bit about being comfortable yet appropriately dressed. Sometimes it is hard to concentrate when you are thinking "if only I could just ease out of this bra which is sticking into me"
    Good tips. Cheers Denyse

  10. Great tips! I always have lipstick on my teeth but now, I always remember to check!

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  12. As the author of the classic, How To Work a Room, I'll add another tip or two.

    Have you planned, practiced self-intro ready and you'll feel prepared and confident.

    Don't eat anything with garlic or onions!

  13. These are excellent tips. Smiling is always my number one and it's also the easiest. The comfy undies one is definitely a good tip, there is nothing worse than constantly feeling the nd to pick a wedgie!

  14. I've hidden behind kids for 18 years and thanks to blogging I'm only just stepping out into the 'adult' world with events. So yes I'm nervous no I'm terrified. Thanks for the laugh I'll make sure I have no loo roll trailing or dog poop sticking.