Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday's Motivating Playlist

I love my workout music. I find that if I update my playlist regularly it helps motivate me to workout. Every Monday I organise I new playlist and I get excited about the songs and the order I have put them in. Then when I workout, I know how many songs, how many I have listened to and how many I have to go. It helps me to get through the pain of the workout or run.
 My playlist this week is:

  1. Battle Scars by Guy Sebastian. Nice solid warm up beat
  2. Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys. I love the marching beat
  3. We'll be coming back by Calvin Harris. Picking up the pace
  4. Gangnam Style - You know it has to make an appearance
  5. One more night by Maroon 5. I have a weird crush on Adam Levine. I think he is smarmy and I don't like him but I can't help it.
  6. Bom Bom by Sam and the Womp. This always makes me smile. It's kind of ridiculous.
  7. Just like a Pill - P!nk. Because EVERY playlist needs P!nk. I think this is one of my favourite running songs ever. I love to bolt on the chorus
  8. She's so mean - Matchbox Twenty
  9. Wild Things - San Cisco
  10. Spotlight - Jennifer Hudson - Nice warm down (nice easy jog)

Looking for music to add to your playlist? Me too. Feel free to share your lists too.


  1. I am clearly old because I know hardly any of these songs. I am still the emo garage punk rock girl I was in the 80s and 90s!

    However, I agree regarding Adam Levine. He's creepy and must get cold with his gear off all the time (maybe those hideous tattoos keep him warm) yet I find him strangely attractive! Ewwwww.

  2. My 'picking up the pace' track is "Bangarang" by Skrillex.

    We aren't the only ones who can see the appeal with Adam Levine, he hasn't dated 2 Victoria's Secret models for nothing!! I knew I should have been a VS model when I grew up..!

  3. I love the idea of creating a new playlist each week - that's genius, Rach! So going to do that from now on. And yes, I'd also like to join the I Have A Crush On Adam Levine But I'm Not Sure Why Club!

    1. Welcome, we can all free slightly embarrassed together :)