Thursday, October 4, 2012

Spring Cleaning and a giveaway!

I hate cleaning but I love cleaning products. My house is always usually glistening and sparkling with scented chemicals wafting through the air. Normally, I wouldn't be interested in writing or promoting cleaning products because there is nothing glamourous about it and I like to give a false impression of a stylish, lady of leisure. But, when I was told about this Brisbane based company, producing quality and environmentally responsible cleaning products, I couldn't refuse.
I was already aware of Orange Power due to their must-have Sticky Spot and Goo Dissolver. This has been a constant in my life since children. Every parent should own this. Orange power is 100% Australian owned, the products are palm oil free and they are endorsed by environmental group Planet Ark. The packaging uses 95% recycled cardboard and is easily recycled.

Orange Power have now launched a new line of laundry products and to celebrate, I have two packs to give away to two lucky readers.

Giveaway Packs ($50 value)
2 x NEW! 1kg Orange Power Laundry Powder
2 x NEW! 800 mL Orange Power Laundry Liquid
1 x 500mL Orange Power & Upholstery Cleaner
1 x Orange Power Air Freshener
1 x Orange Power Sticky Spot and Goo Dissolver

To enter, all you have to do is:
  1. Comment below and tell me why you would like to win the Orange Power pack. 
  2. Enter before 6am on 11 October 2012.
  3. Include your email address (so you can be notified if you win)
If you would like to 'like' Redcliffe Style on Facebook that would be cool too but it's not an entry requirement.

Redcliffe Style was sent product to review but did not received payment to review or host a giveaway. All opinions are our own and can not be bought.


  1. I have a house full of kids and a partner who might as well be one so i need as many cleaning stuffs as i can get! i use the orange power carpet and upholstery cleaner all the time on our carpet and lounge i even used it on curtains. Infact just as i type this i notice someone has dropped their vegemite toast on the baby rocker ... urgh, but i'll get it out again :) So the products would be well used!

  2. I would like to win because I am a bit of a clean freak (with two little boys, I have to be!).

  3. I am living in the middle of a building site - literally! We are renovating and extending our home, and it is just so difficult to keep clean. With all the paint fumes and various other products being used, it would be great to use some environmentally responsible products to clean up the mess left behind.

  4. I would LOVE to win this great package because I LOVE Orange Power. The smell is sooo fantastic, and the products that I've tried actually work. However, in saying this, I've yet to try their new laundry powder and liquid. I have 5 kids under 10, and am ALWAYS washing! :) Thanks.

  5. It's funny how having children has made me more 'environmentally friendly' when it comes to things like our family's power and water usage, recycling and being aware of what chemicals are lying around the house, particularly in cleaning products. Would love to win this pack because I actually have never tried Orange Power before, only products from a similarly more ethical brand.

  6. Orange Power Air Freshener has become a must when sharing a bathroom/toilet on holidays.No more embarrasment of screwed up noses.

  7. I think it would be great to start using more 'environmentally friendly' cleaning products. I had to laugh at the 'scented chemicals' line in your post, because that is just like my house. I would love to win so I could test out these products! :)
    Thanks for running this competition! x

  8. I just need all the help I can get. We've had visitors for 5 weeks and the work begins. Great to try some of these environmentally friendly products in the process. Pick me please!!! Andrea

  9. I want to know there are no nasties when cleaning and washing to upset my Angels skin. Help us to be allergy free....
    Rosalie Bernacki

  10. My Nan used to make me orange cakes all the time, a house full of orange smell would be like a house full of Nan! Beautiful.

  11. I am about to clean out my laundry cupboard. I am sure I have dozens of bottles of old, expired and possibly now toxic bottles of stuff.... Knowing that I could empty all my old chemicals into a bag and replace it with environmentally sound products appeals to me greatly.

    You can email at when I win. Thanks.

  12. Dear Orange Power,
    Please help me in my cleaning hour,
    you even have something to freshen the loo,
    and you are good for the environment too!!

  13. I would like to win so I can place the products strategically around my house, giving visitors the illusion that I clean it from time to time.

    1. P.S. I think my email address is enabled, but if not, just shoot me an email and let me know ;)

  14. I have been a bit slack with my cleaning lately and I really need to get 'stuck in'. I love this brand for it's eco-friendliness and reliability :)

  15. Orange Power I need you,
    You'll make my house look shiney new.
    My kids have dirtied and messed up the walls,
    Now it's cleaning time - duty calls.
    The most hated job is the laundry of course,
    With orange power I'd go in full force!


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  18. A maxwell galwayst@hotmail.comNovember 8, 2012 at 9:37 PM

    I LOVE the smell of oranges, it reminds me of all the orange cakes my Nan used to make for us to eat after school. I have tried the Orange Power air freshener which is fantastic and smells great. I would love to smell oranges while doing my washing..

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