Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday's Motivating Playlist

As you know, I love a great workout playlist and I really enjoyed my playlist last week. I'm fairly certain I can credit at least 5 extra kilometres just to the music. I wanted to finish listening to certain songs and I don't allow myself to finish mid-song. I have way too many rules.
This week I am listening to:

Skinny love by Birdy. Usually I like to pick something a little happier to start but this sad, little depressing song was pretty enough to make my list this week.
Never let me go by Florence and the Machine - The arms of the ocean are carrying me. I love listening to these lyrics as I run beside the water. Somehow pretending the ocean is giving me a special power.
Candy by Robbie Williams. Excellent, excellent beat. I dare you to listen to this and not want move.
Primadoona by Marina and The Diamonds. Poor kid, all she ever wanted was the world
Carry On by Fun. I love Fun. I must sing every song loud and passionately as I run. Fun for me, pretty shitty for every other person in hearing distance.
I cry by Flo Rida. He is always has a great beat. I can only sing along to the chorus. The rest could be Russian for all I know. I can't keep up.
I never liked you by Rogue Traders. Just angry enough to keep me running.
Me and my Imagination by Sophie Ellis-Bextor. I love her dancy beats.
Hey Ya by Outkast. Starting to slow down
Last Request by Paolo Nutini. He loves so much.

How often do you update your playlists?

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  1. I love how your playlists are a real mixed bag of music genres - keeps it interesting!

  2. I don't update my playlists often enough! Will have to check out that Florence & The Machine and Robbie Williams...Thanks for the tips!

  3. Sadly my playlist has been hacked by Miss8! It is all 1D! Kill. Me. Now!

  4. I need to have a running list soon! Thanks for sharing this :P

    1. Enjoy putting it together and feel free to share it :)

  5. Update when I can, I guess after a couple of weeks I tire of the songs and find myself skipping the the next one! X

    1. Yes, when I start skipping it then it's time to start again. Rx