Tuesday, January 29, 2013

How to work it in wet weather

Wet weather makes everything a little harder including making yourself look slightly presentable.  When I really have to pull it together and the weather is bucketing down, this is what I do:
  1. A slick do. You can start with a blow dry, straightened and brushed into place, perfect pony tail or you can just load it with leave-in conditioner and pull it into place. Both will result in exactly the same do but have a difference of 30 minutes. If you are feeling clever, throw in a braid, this will take it up a notch;
  2. Simple make up. Stick with waterproof mascara and a bright lipstick. These will not be washed off or run down your face when the rain gusts up under your brolly;
  3. Dark clothes. These will hide the wet splotches better and won't go see through when wet;
  4. Go boots, gumboots or thongs. You might question my thongs, but I'm a Queenslander and they are awesome for wet days;
  5. Pick fun, bright and waterproof accessories. Fun umbrellas, patterned gum boots and bright waterproof handbags;
  6. Sunglasses. Yes, these are still okay on wet days. They keep the rain from getting into your eyes, hide the lack of makeup and make you look awesome; and
  7. Don't be precious. Nothing looks more uncool than being scared of a little water.
What are your wet weather secrets?

PS: I wrote about Rainy day etiquette here too, some very helpful tips for those clumsy umbrellas.

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  1. I never thought of wearing dark clothes! Good one. Wishing I owned gumboots the last few days I can tell you :)

  2. Great boots! Hope things have settled down a bit for you now. My sister lives in PalmWoods and they have no power (since Sunday, and wont be on until Wed if they are lucky).

    1. #teamIBOT! ;) Keep forgetting my tag today.

  3. I loathe thongs with a passion - even though I do own a few very cute pairs because they are the absolute best for poolside summer holidays. My new favourites for wet weather are my Mox shoes. They're like the ballet slipper version of a thong!

    I frequently wear gumboots in the winter, and have got my eye on a Marc by Marc Jacobs plastic handbag specifically for wet weather.

    My other tip is go with a shorter skirt or shorts in summer wet days - you can dry your feet easily enough but if your pants legs get wet, you're done for the day. In winter, I wear bright tights with a mini.

    My hair's not long enough for a pony, so I side swipe the fringe and clip it back. A fringe and rain are not BFFs.

    Great tips!

  4. Oh, but thongs do get slippery when wet (or is that because I buy the cheap ones?). I always do the hair-pulled-back for a wet (or humid) day. The frizz, combined with my thick hair is a recipe for hair disaster.

  5. Those boots are fab! And hair pulled back is a must for me in the wet.

  6. I really dislike wet days... Great tips Rachel. I love your gumboots!

  7. Shave your head on wet days. That's all we frizz-ball prone people can do! Even if it's all slicked back in a pony, the frizz escapes. It uses the rain as tools to break free somehow.

  8. if you put conditioner in your hair, and it gets wet, wont that just end up running everywhere?
    I don't stress about it too much these days. If it's that wet, everyone is going to look like drowned rat. :)

  9. I actually use the wet weather for doing absolutely nothing to my hair/face/clothes - best excuse ever! And I'm with Janet, I love the gummies!

  10. OOOOOHHHHHH those are some funky gumboots!!! I want!!

    I left an awesome pair in the UK because it would cost too much to send over.. I miss my gumboots...

    Doesnt rain that much in Perth..

  11. ohh dark clothes is clever! and I totally agree with thongs. great post

  12. It's a great excuse to add some sea-salt and go for the 'beach hair' look. I love the idea of bright accessories. I need to invest in a yellow umbrella! Fi xxx

  13. My hair is the thing tripping me up in this wet weather. if I take the time and do it, and it gets one drop of rain it goes to shit. and it's been frizzing in the humidness the last few days - and my hair is very thin and dead straight! just can't win. pony tail all the way until the weather eases.