Monday, January 28, 2013

Wild weekend weather + stir crazy kids = Grumpy Mum

The weekend has been a combination of watching Burpengary creek levels hoping they won't reach my sisters house, sleepless nights listening to the windows shaking wondering if a tornado is about to hit and ripping my hair out listening to bickering, excited children.

The weather is so bad that there is no point in bothering with hair and makeup. Yes, it's true. An entire weekend sans makeup and with a pigtail.

The Peninsula has been packed with traffic wanting to see our normally calm waters whipped into surf conditions. We joined them briefly. Yeah, we're storm chasers now.

My husband took a photo of me, taking a photo of the waves.
 My daughter took a photo of us braving the elements to take a selfie.
I hope everyone is staying safe this weekend.


  1. It's just crazy isn't it! I'm as stir crazy as the kids I think!

  2. I thought we were going to lose our roof last night, can almost hear the waves crashing. Stay safe Rach x

  3. Love the old photo-of-a-photo shot! I heard there were a lot of lookie-loos out there looking at the wild surf. What a weekend we have had! I was worried that the shed would blow over last night but in the end the only thing was our wheelie bin on its side :p
    Fingers crossed for minimal flooding, though I heard some places are bad right now :(

  4. It's been pretty wild! I posted some pics on my site yesterday and had TEN TIMES the normal site traffic. The road in the pics was worse today - completely underwater!

  5. I hope the weather will get better very soon... I saw the news tonight and it was terrible... Stay safe with your family and loved ones Rachel.

  6. It is wild weather - I hope your safe and dry. My kids have gone completely stir crazy and I can't wait for one to get back into the pre-school routine on Wednesday!!!