Saturday, January 26, 2013

Juggling Apples

I am completely in love with all things Apple. I love how well they sync with each other, how user friendly they are and how gorgeous they look.

How many Apples are too many. How many Apples can you really juggle at one time?
I am thinking five. I'm pretty good at juggling.


  1. I can juggle alot of apples too, love them! Just yesterday purchased a Mini for one of the boys for having his operation next week. I have to set it all up with his fav stuff and then he will get it when he wakes up from the op. Spoiled much.. I know I know. But this is a highly sensitive child and does not cope well with such huge things so we are trying to make it as easy as possible.

    So we juggle 5 apples at the moment because Mr 8 left his iPod on the plane and it hasn't turned up. Will be 6 again soon as it's his Birthday in Feb.

  2. I also juggle 5 iBabies and wouldn't be without any of them. Apple forever here!! x

  3. I have three. iPad, iPhone + Mac ;)

    The boyfriend is continually trying to convince me to switch to droid devices.

    I am happy in my little iBubble!

    Thanks for sharing your blog! Loved it ever since you did the I Heart My Body 2012 campaign xx

    Carly [Creator of We Heart Life]

  4. I love my apple products as well! I have an iPhone & an iPad. I'd really like the mini iPad but not sure if it will get much use? Decisions decisions, Leisa Flanigan :)

  5. I love Apples too, particularly in a pie with custard. That is what we are talking about right??

  6. Oh, well, I have none. That sounds a bit sad doesn't it?? I'm sure I might wrangle one one day :)