Monday, March 26, 2012

10 Things that annoyed me today

Ok, I am not remotely annoyed but I can't do perky isn't-the-world-great posts everyday. So I am going to dig deep.

1.  I was hungry when I woke up, but I couldn't find anything I wanted to eat. So I gave up.

2. My hair was really fizzy this morning and I didn't have time to wash it, I didn't even brush it. Just a tight fizzy little bun.

3. There was a slow and unpredictable driver in front of me nearly all the way to the school this morning then they turned off so I couldn't see their face and imprinted it on my brain.

4. I had a singing lesson today and I still don't sound like Adele

5. I had a run but I couldn't get 'in the zone'

6. I wore my new dress that I bought from Myer last week (the one reduced from $159 to $23). It really is too big and was annoying me the whole time. I can't work out how to alter it, but I will.

7. I was going to have an AFD (alcohol free day) but gave up.

8. I only have a cheap bottle of wine.

9. My dog vomited.

10. It made me want to vomit when I cleaned it up.

Is there anything you feel like getting off your chest?

PS: I can hear my husband and the girls crunching on nuts. Aaaugghhh


  1. I love this... I may have to blog my own list!

    And there is only one thing worse that cheap wine... no wine!

  2. Hi Renee, please do I would LOVE to read it. No wine is way worse than cheap wine. :) Rachel xx


    oh I love your sense of humour! I'm still cackling at: 4. I had a singing lesson today and I still don't sound like Adele.

    Want to hear my list?

    1. I woke up. Unusually early. And then I couldn't get back into deep sleep again. But then, I did go to sleep at 5.45am.

    2. I forgot I had a repairman coming at 11am. Awoke at 10.45am. The day started to go downhill from there.

    3. The repairman was late.

    4. I received a parcel. YAY. It was a tiny egg timer for the kitchen. BOO. I don't cook. The parcel was for hubby. :(

    5. I discovered that my stunning dress of my own design being carefully crafted by talented Chinese ladies is, in fact, a complete disaster. The wrong colour and wrong shape and they don't want to give me a refund.

    But then I won a sheet and the whole day just perked right up! :)

  4. Hi December, annoying about the dress. Is there anything you can do to save it??