Monday, March 12, 2012

What the??!!

I have been trawling the internet, looking for beautiful wardrobe items to lust over. Instead I came across some amazing awful items.  Seriously, where would you wear these jeans and would you select those heels to go with them? I would love to see her trying to walk.
Would your man wear these? If my husband came home with them I would be very concerned.
 Just what we want, more camel toes to worry about.
There are so many things wrong with these shorts but I know that my butt would prefer to be cover by the hideous ruffles than just hanging out the back in a pair of bike pants.
The optical illusion pants, high waisted or low waisted?


  1. The camel toe shoes are so hideous!!! It's funny coz i actually saw a man wearing some camel toe shoes at the weekend - even worse than the finger-toe ones. Gross!

  2. Hi J, Are you serious?? I can't believe you had a real life experience of something so horrible. I wonder what he was thinking when he bought them. I hate the finger-toe ones too. I know they are meant to be great to run in, but I think I'll stick with my Asics for a little longer. Thanks for commenting. Rachel x

  3. Oh my gosh Rachel where are you shopping!? Too funny. Those camel toes are hysterical. I kind of like those bizarre male slingbacks, they look very arty. I don't think my hubs would wear them though.

  4. Hi Mrs BC, I can't believe a designer sat down and thought camel toe shoes would be a good idea "Daring, it's all about camel this season, we need the camel colour, camel toes and need camel fragrance"

  5. HAHAHA, they are horrible.

  6. How funny!! Thanks for the laugh.