Thursday, March 8, 2012


When I was little I couldn't say "cup of tea" and said "dub-a-dee" instead. After that my dad would always ask me if I would like a dub-a-dee, even as a grown up he would still ask. He passed away in 1998, I wish he would still ask me if I want a dub-a-dee.

I love tea but I think I love the tea paraphernalia more. I love my knitted Chicken Teapot cozy and for years I have been trying to find another one for a friend. 
So pretty, Royal Albert tea cups. I got these on sale at David Jones in Chermside a few years ago and I have managed not to break any.
Little silver tea spoons with fruit and vegetables on the ends. An aunt from overseas sent these as wedding gift in 2001. I love the quirkiness of them. I really should have cleaned them before this photo but I was too lazy.

If you are looking for a dub-a-dee in Redcliffe, check out Teddies n' Sweets in Cominos Arcade. I have been checking out their High Tea menu. It does look like it would satisfy a greedy tea lovin' girl.


  1. I love a nice cup of tea too. Sometimes I think it is more the Idea than the actual cup of tea. A time to stop and read those magazines I promise not to buy and sip my tea. Love your chookies too! Andrea

  2. Hi Andrea, I complete agree. I love the idea of the cups of tea but I rarely have time to drink it. I need to slow down and make more time to enjoy tea. Thanks for commenting. Rachel x

  3. Thanks for linking up with my Write Stuff blog hop, Rachel. Gorgeousness in those photos xx