Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New War Paint

I have a few new additions to my beauty collection that I am loving at the moment. 

At the Ingot counter in North Lakes I bought a new eyebrow colour to put into my palette. I love the palettes from Ingot. They are magnetised and currently the small discs of eyeshadow are half price. They are usually $8 but currently $4.
Ojon Damage Reverse Oil $43. I was lucky enough to be sent this from Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily to try. You only need a few drops and your hair sucks it up. My dry ends squealed in delight when I rubbed the warmed oil on them.
I like that it has a dropper and I liked this photo, so I had to use it.
On the weekend Beautiful You was offering 30% off Youngblood so I bought my first Youngblood product. I couldn't resist this blush called Nectar. I usually go for pinks but decided to break away from old habits and try something new, I am completely in love with the natural, girly glow it gives me.
 Mmm, so pretty.
I also picked up some Redken Vinyl Twist from Beautiful You too. This stuff is fantastic, curl defining cream, it's pliable and adds structure and shine. I'll have to do my hair and take a photo for you.
On my wish list, I would love de Leon Cosmetics Lipgloss in Rogue demon hunter and eyeshadow in Indecent Exposure. This eyeshadow is the perfect base colour. I am in love with deLeon products. The colours are great and the textures are beautiful.

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