Friday, March 23, 2012

10 Things that made me happy today...

 1. Buying a dress from Myer at North Lakes. I liked it but balked at the price, it was $159. I took it to the counter to see if it was marked down. It scanned at $23. What!!! Obviously it was meant to be and I won't even hide this one or reduce the price when I show my husband. It's a little big, it must have been designed for ladies with actual breasts, so I'll need to grow some or do some alterations.
2. Running 17.5km on the treadmill while watching Breaking Dawn. I think Breaking Dawn must be one of the most boring movies ever. Maybe I managed this distance because I feel asleep from boredom and was sleep running for most of it

3. Watching my littlest eat a Kiwi berry. The faces she pulled where hysterical.

4. Eating leftover Roast Pumpkin Rissotto for lunch. It was better than last night.

5. Getting my RACQ card in the mail. It made me feel like a real grown up. More than marriage or children did.

6. Nurofen plus. I have a sore ear and the codeine made me happy.

7. A cup of Earl Grey tea.

8. Meeting someone in real life that reads my blog.

9. Receiving a free coffee at Gloria Jeans Kippa Ring

10. The chilled crisp NZ Sauvignon Blanc I'll open at 5pm.

What made you happy today?

PS: Tomorrow I might do 10 things that me me unhappy today. That would be fun.


  1. Great list, and great score on the dress! It suits your perfectly!

  2. Hubby and I went to the accountant and got our tax done - whew, big sigh of relief. Even better, instead of the bill we were expecting, we will actually get a little refund. Score!

  3. woo hoo, great treadmill workout! And how good a buy is that dress...just knowing that it is friday made me happy!x

  4. Great day!That dress is a steal!

  5. Hi Mrs BC, Thanks I love a bargain.

    Hello Footprints, Tax is a huge one. My husband is working on it this weekend. Score with the refund

    Hi Karla, I was pretty happy with it, I have been trying to do a few longer runs this week. Friday is a reason to smile.

    Hello Cup and Saucer, I did feel like a thief, hahaha. I thought it must have ben a mistake. Bought it and left the store quickly.

    Rachel xx

  6. What a wonderful list, it made me smile. The dress is gorgeous and who can argue about free coffee?:) Very impressed with your run too X