Sunday, March 25, 2012

How I know I am old

Last night I went into Cloud Land in the Valley to celebrate a friend's 30th. It was a fun girls night out, dinner, drinks and dancing. My husband was awesome enough to buy me a new outfit from Kitten d'Amour in Chermside. This is one of my absolute favourite clothes shops but I just can't afford the gorgeous pieces. Lucky they have a sale on at the moment. When I tried this outfit on for him, he asked it it actually gets worn in public. He was a little concerned about the skimpiness of it. Huh! Anyway, I felt quite ladylike and teamed it with an old pair of Lou Lou heels I bought from Shoes on Scarborough years ago.
This is my new bustier
This is the back of my skirt, I love the little feminine ruffles.
Umm, it turns out that the dress code in the Valley is more like "find something 3 sizes too small, team it with Mammoth heels and if you cover your nickers it's a bonus".  I felt like a nun in comparison. Lucky I was out with the rest of the convent and we were all prudishly attired.

So I can tell I am old because I am shocked by what the kids are wearing today. One of my biggest hates are the micro denim shorts all the girls are wearing. I can remember trying to hide my flaws and accentuate your positives. I know we want to teach our kids to love their bodies but there has to be a line about how much you should show...right??

I am also reminded that I am old because I can't party until sunrise. I ate dinner about the same time I usually go to bed. I got home about 1am and I am completely shattered and grumpy today.


  1. Yup, I hear ya. Last time I went into the City I was shocked by the number of young women wearing short shorts. There is a time & a place for everything, and to me, short shorts are for the beach, not the City. But like you say, maybe I'm just getting old LOL!

  2. You and me both. Half the time the shorts are even covering the cheeks. I have seen some terrible ones at Kippa Ring this week too. Rachel xx

  3. Oh wow, I love that outfit!!! Love, love, love it!!!
    I went out recently to a pub, first time in a long time, and was shocked at all the girls practically naked, could seriously see what they'd had for breakfast. I felt like such a nanna, in what had felt like a classy lbd when I'd left home! We must be getting old.... Jane xx

  4. Thanks Jane, I love the outfit too. I am going to have to come out with some other occasions I can wear it. Some other nana outing. :) Rx

  5. I absolutely love your outfit, for starters. But I understand your Valley-shock. I went to a job interview last week (office job) and found lots of girls a bit skimpily dressed there too. One girl was even in a short denim skirt and fishnet-ish tights. I was in a very conservative suit (which I thought was the uniform for an interview) - hello Grandma!

  6. I call them "rotisserie chickens" - young, tandoori tanned and all breast and thigh!

    As for those ubiquitous teeny denim shorts, they are denim knickers and The ones with the pockets hanging down look like an unfortunate panty liner incident has occurred!

    I crashed into bed last night at 1am ish and have been regretting it All. Day. Long!

    Yes, I'm old but I'm cool with it!

  7. Hi Jane, Where were you interviewing?? I would have turned up in a Conservative Country Road Suit, just like I use to.

    Oh Kim-Marie 'rotisserie chicken' is the best name for them. I'll have to steal it. The short with the pockets are the worst. I giggled at your description.

    I am cool with being old and classy.

    Rachel x

  8. Gorgeous outfit, I love Kitten D'Amour's clothing it's soo devine!!!

  9. Kitten d'Amour is wonderful! I bought a dress from there for a previous birthday and I bring it out every time I want to feel 'WOW!'. And yes, girls going out clubbing wear much too little clothing, and wearing shoes you can't walk in is never stylish.