Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bloody Insomnia

I was awake all night and at about 2am I gave up and came downstairs. I watched the movie "The Other Guys" with Will Ferrell and Marky Mark (he'll always be Marky Mark to me). Will Ferrell's face makes me laugh. Silly movies are always really funny when you are delirious from lack of sleep. I ended up falling asleep around 5.30am to be awoken 5 minutes later with my oldest crunching on cereal beside me.
My eyelids feel like they are made from sandpaper and there is a paper weight attached to the top of my head but I have injected coffee, had a long shower and now feel slightly more human.

After the school run I am looking forward to having coffee with Lisa from Mrs BC at Reef Point Cafe. Then in the afternoon watching '21 Jump Street' at AMC (Hoyts) Kippa Ring with my sister. I use to love the series and I don't mind a bit of Channing Tatum so this should be fun.

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  1. Damn insomnia, it's no fun but I don't mind the peace and quiet that comes with it. <3 Steph