Wednesday, March 28, 2012

First Impressions...

One of the few things to make an impression on me this week are first impressions. I think people are often curious about what first impression they may make. I know I am.

What I find interesting is that first impressions go past the presumption you make about their personality. I had a conversation once with two friends and we were talking about height. One of the threesome was quite tall, the other average height and I was shortest. We then realised we were exactly the same height, all 169cm. The weird thing is that I wear heels a lot. So, I was towering over at least one of them regularly and they still thought I was the short one. Hmm, thanks.

When first impressions are discussed I am always surprise and slightly disappointed in the impression I must give. I have heard that I seem confident (I'm not), bitchy (I don't think I am), uninterested (I am really interested in you, in fact too interested), blah, blah blah. If I had to describe myself it would be awkward, a little shy, self conscious and (hopefully) funny.

Some of the best people I have met have been at complete odds to their first impression and similarly, some of the nastiest, craziest have seemed the friendliest and sanest.

I make a vow now to not judge people on first impressions. I am going to give every crazy-assed weirdo the opportunity to shine and I am going to start smiling more.


  1. I always wonder about first impressions too!

    I try really hard not to judge people too much based on a first impression (although it is hard) as some people can just be shy and it can come off as rude.

    A great post - something to think about for sure!!


  2. Oops - didn't mean for that to be anonymous, sorry!

  3. I get so involved with sussing someone out when I first meet them I dont even listem to their bad..must.try.harder.

  4. I give terrible first impressions. One of my old co-workers once admitted she thought I was terrifying at first. I am not! I'm really chilled, I just miss a lot of emotional cues and didn't realise she was freaking. Meanwhile I was just throwing work at her and barking orders. Whoops, my bad.