Thursday, March 22, 2012

I am raising technology addicts

We love our beautiful shiny pieces of technology in our house. Computers, cameras, kindles, iPads, iPod touches, chrome books, notebooks, iPhones, you name it we have it or are on the wait list. I love the quiet hums, whispers and clicks that goes with them. My girls are crazy about them too. When I received my new iPhone 4s one daughter broke into tears at it's beauty, well actually they were tears of jealousy and I understood. I had spent a few nights crying in jealousy over other peoples iPhone 4ss (see how I made 4s in plural looks like Ass, this is the stuff that amuses me when I can't sleep).

When our connection goes down we are completely useless, we run around like lost dogs or frightened kittens confused about everything. How do we know what the temperature is outside or if anyone has liked our latest status? We can't even phone anyone to find out because all the information is in the phone or computer.

Any woo, my 8yo daughter really feels like she need a new iPod touch and wrote a letter to my husband. I loved it enough to share it with you. I have left the spelling exactly how it was:

To Daddy doo,
Reasons Why I should Get a New iPod Touch
Reson 1
Mine is all cracked and it dosen't  work propperly
Reson 2
The game moves and the sound comes after it
Reson 3
It takes a long time to load and it takes longer to turn of and on
Reson 4
White is a better cauler and (sisters name here)'s iPod touch is newer.
From (name) bee

To be completely honest, I was annoyed that she was asking for another iPod when she was lucky enough to already have one, but I have completely moved to 'Team new iPod'. I really respect her convincing argument. I hate it when these littlies outsmart me.


  1. My kids are the same. We have ipads, ipods, etc, it seems technology is everywhere around us. I fear sometimes that they are too technological and are missing out on the opportunities to play by themselves like we did when we were younger...but I'm doing my best to get some balance for them. We'll see how we go!

  2. Oh that is gorgeous. My 9 yo son has been asking for an ipod touch for about a year, his Dad has one that he never uses, so I keep telling him to go and use that one (I'm notso good at sharing my iPhone 4s).
    Apparently it's not the same. He won't use it as this will then water down the argument that he hasn't got one and everyone else has. phhhhft I admire his conviction but really? Kids are way smarter these days hey!

  3. I am so out of touch. I don't own an "i"-anything.... I do love my crackberry though... still... I'm feeling the "i"-envy right now... ;)